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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Strike's Over...

Mr. Laptop has given me the Black Screen of Death. With that being said, in the words of Beyonce, I'm going to have Upgrade. I called the repair place and I know that the tech got off the phone laughing. I mean, after I told them what happened, it was a basic "well we can TRY to retrieve your documents, but it's going to be a $50 diagnostic fee before we even try to do anything and then it's $75.00 a hour for about 5GB of data for backup." With all my iTunes - I'm WELL beyond the 5GB - more like 80GB. ME THINKS NOT!

Wish me luck - I'm off to face the sales people of Best Buy and Circuit City. From my past experiences, they tend to see blond and think "WOW - Easy sell - let's just show her to the pink ones and sell her a bunch of stuff she won't need or know about." Won't they be in for a surprise.

My plan is this: fondle the ones I like, decide what I'm looking for - price shop tonight at both stores, buy a small memory stick for some other stuff and *bam* tomorrow it's online purchase (if the price is right), cash back and coupons if they have 'em. If not, I'll think long and hard and then buy my computer that way. I was going to do payments through QVC or HSN, but then I saw the sales prices and it's just better if I buy it now and then pay my ING account back.

Just don't tell the Salesgeeks my plan, okay. We'll keep it our little secret.

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