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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daggone It - Where's My Nyquil...

One of my co-workers has been wandering around the office sick as a dog. And, now, I can feel sniffly, achy, and just downright blah. Wonderful - just how I want to spend my weekend - sniffling with chapped lips (which is the first sign of an impending cold/flu for me). To add to the ugh-ness of it all, due to deadlines this week, I can't be out of the 9to5 to recoup.

Wonderful. Well, at least I'll be homebound today and working on the apartment. First item on the agenda - the Christmas Tree. Yeah, I know - but at least it's not Feb. 1st, right?? Here's where the procrastination monster struck. See, I have to make room in the laundry room for the new tree carton, throw out the old boxes from the move (I save the boxes from my mixer, blender, etc. - I know I know - toss those puppies) and just package it all up for next year. Plus I bought MORE ornaments and was gifted with more ornaments so I think there might have to be yet another plastic bin for the overages. I've been dreading it.

Ugh! Well, at least I had nothing pressing on the agenda today, well except to go see the new police chief speak - obviously I woke up and realized it was not an option. I also have to do some pr for a former client so I'll be writing press kit materials this weekend as well.

I hate being sick - but at least there is always Nyquil! Much like the role Windex played in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that's what Nyquil is for me. Early detection, early cure.

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