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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adventures in Voting...

So today is the big day in Florida - V-Day. Well, for the primary at least.

Let me state for the record, my family affiliation is Republican - I, however, vote any way I like (and this election looks like I'll be heading down the "D" path). However, I do get to vote against dear ol' Mitt in the primary. MB joked with me saying it was a Mormon issue - I responded saying it was a Massachusetts issue. Finish what you started and Mitt certainly did NOT do that. Prime example - Big Dig catastrophe. 'Nuff said - but this isn't a POLITICAL blog - well, only when it's Buddy Dyer related, but you know what I mean.

Anyways - I'm all excited to go vote in the Primary and cast my vote for anyone that is NOT Huckabee or Romney. Huckabee wants to change the constitution - not havin' that, in my book. Romney - see above. So, with that being said, off I went to the polls.

Let me preface this story with a note that when I first moved to Altamonte, during the registration of my car, license, and all that blah blah b.s., I was told I would be registered to vote in Seminole County. And I, like a dummy, thought Florida was so efficient to really do what they say. I should know better - this state always has voting drama. ALWAYS. I thought it was funny that I didn't hear anything about voting etc. in the mail but eeh - I shrugged it off. So when I tell y'all to listen to your instincts, please listen to your instincts! My gut told me to double-check as I was dealing with a state office and we know how often things fell through the cracks. I chose to not listen.

Back to the voting journey - I originally went to go to the precinct my gal M. told me about but I couldn't find it. I called the Seminole County Board of Election's office - no answer. Thankfully, by way of the Blackberry I see there's a precinct 3 - 4 streets from my apartment in the Altamonte City Hall. SCORE!

I get to the Altamonte City hall, chat with this wonderful woman who sends me in to cast my ballet. Surprise, surprise, when I give them my name and ID - *insert Dum Dum Dum music here* There IS NO LYS on the roster.

What do you mean I'M NOT ON THE LIST????

I think I scared the elderly lady when I mentioned that I wanted to rip the throat out of the state office worker who told me I was taken care of. Don't worry, I apologized for my outburst. She took pity on lil' ol' me and sent me to a cohort of hers, Richard with a card and told me he'd take care of me. (She probably thought he could take me down too if I got too feisty but I digress)

Richard looked through books and books and, yes, I'm STILL not on the list. God I hate being told that. Well, I told him about my move from the land of the Rat aka Disney to Altamonte and he asked "Did you verify everything with the Seminole County Board of Elections".

Don't Orange County & Seminole County chat?

Well, the answer to his question was NO or I would have done so. Now, out comes the affidavits which have to be filled out and signed, he has to call Orange County and get me authorization to vote and verify my voting status. You know, in case I was committing a felony or something. Turns out I almost did - see, I was in Precinct 4 and if you don't vote in your precinct and vote in another precinct, it's a felony. I know, I know - stupid law. So I was sent on my way with affidavits to be filled out and off to Precinct 34 - IN LONGWOOD, over 15 min. away and the next town over from Altamonte.

Tell me the logic in going from Altamonte City Hall to Longwood to vote - again, Florida & Voting = Convoluted!

I toodled down to Longwood to vote and I finally find my way there, go into the church, sign my affidavit in front of an election official, they put me ON THE LIST and I get my little slip to vote. All this for 2 fuggin' questions. UGH! But it's done, signed, sealed and delivered. And I almost ran over the Huckabee campaign worker on my way out - but in my defense - it was a campaign free zone and he was in front of my car. No jury would have convicted me, right?

And, no, I'm not telling you who I voted for - but I can tell you it definitely WASN'T Romney!

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