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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Got The Answers...

As y'all know, with all the "It's On/It's Off/It's On" again drama with the Grammys, it's pretty much a given that Reese and I will not be able to go to the show with our friends (and clients). I was sad and disappointed at being left grounded for the prom AGAIN, up until Reese said the other night "So and so is going to be performing in Philly at the end of February."

*insert light bulb moment* AHA!

PHILLY? My second home? The place where a good portion of my oldest (in terms of KNOWING them - not age, per se *LOL*) reside? One of my favorite shopping meccas? The one place my accent doesn't sound foreign. Hell, it even is home to a Sur La Table (well in NJ but still).

Of course, Reese is hella cool with the group performing so the show is in the bag. Plus, our boy Jas had just sent us his new track* which warrants an intro with the group performing. So, your gal "got the answers." What more can I do?

Easy - Book a trip to Philly for the end of February - some rest, relaxation, networking with clients and potential new contacts, some great performances, shopping and hanging out with some of my favorite people. And y'all know our crew in Philly is crazy (in a good way).

Now this, I'm game for.

*The new track is aptly titled "Got The Answers"

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