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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Lines Are Drawn...

Let me preface other than XBox at all hours of the night neighbor, pretty much everyone in my building is okay. I'm cool with my neighbor across the hall and as I encounter people, I'm pretty friendly. There's a college kid whose friends always take up the parking spots around here, but he's always seemed really sweet when we chat in the morning and I had no issues with him - until tonight.

I don't care HOW drunk one is - but calling out to me to **** a part of your anatomy warrants a Come to Jesus talk - as a matter of fact, I think it will be the NEXT time I see him. What started it was his dumb friend couldn't get into a parking spot and got all manly racing down the way and backing up. As it was my spot before I left for Dunkin' & Albertsons, it was only fair that I slip back into it. Not my fault that his friend couldn't drive or park. Putting the idiot into fits of road/parking lot rage was laughable at best.

Wait - it gets better. His friend got even MORE manly and raced back and forth in a fit of road rage rather than take one of the 10 empty spots AROUND THE CORNER. WTF. I'm sure they thought I wouldn't know who was who - but the kid who called out from the passenger side was my neighbor and clearly he was plastered out of his mind and the idiot who couldn't get into the parking spot - was driving my neighbor's truck. One can reasonably conclude that driving should not be done by either party - even as they peeled out of the complex only to turn around and drive back after I already got into the elevator.

So yeah, this kid has NO idea who he's messin' with - I can get pretty evil when incensed. When I see him heading out for work, you can rest assured I'm going to remind him of his little "comment", have a "frank discussion" and then tell him hopefully noone ever says a comment like that to his mother / sister / grandmother, etc. If I feel really evil,I also hope I don't slip and ask which girl of the night he has over if they've called ahead because she doesn't look like the one from earlier on due to how many girls that go in and out of the apartment. And if he pulls that crap with me again, I will not hesitate to kick his butt all over the parking lot. Because comments like that in addition to the *C* and *B* word that his road rage-y friend used like spoiled little boys is not tolerable. And don't let the sweet exterior fool you - these stilettos can cause some pain to idiots.

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