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Just Because...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Posts 'Round The Web: Week of Jan. 18th.

Yeah, I know - I missed a week. :::sigh::: you can't say I didn't warn you that might happen.

Here are some fabulous posts that I stumbled upon during this week's blog browsing that might make you giggle, get incensed, get inspired or just get to shoppin'....

Sarah (of
Pink Shoe Diaries fame) started her "Gadget of the Week" spotlight over at Pink Shoe Cookbook. First spotlight - something every gal's kitchen should have.

And if you want to see the Sassier side of Sarah - you can see what happens when Sarah, scissors and "tipsy" blogging meet..

KristaBella made a guest appearance on Le Petit Chic this week. For some amusing back in the day stories, you might want to read her account of "When I Got My Fake ID"

Is 2008 a year for you to take control of your finances? Well, bookmark this spot Single Ma has you covered. She's moving her fabulous blog to a new server so you might want to sign up for the feed. Her daily posts prompt me to get on the financial straight and narrow.

Got a thing for Gossip Girl (or the fashion showcased on the show)? I know I do. Now mind you my butt can't afford (or fit into) the fashions that S. & B. wear, but it's fabu to get ideas from (and the same with Cashmere Mafia - the red suit that Miranda Otto was wearing - TO. Die. FOR!) Well, G.G. over at The Glam Guide has got your back. Check out this feature on a fabulous blue coat worn by Serena. And for other TV Fashion breakdowns by G.G. check out this link.

Words to live by - Chic & Charming points out 10 Ways To Be Fabulous. This is a list to refer to, often.

Valley Girl found an excellent article re: "What Happened to All the Nice Guys?"...

And finally, Dana over at the Daily Fashionista talks about "Lipstick v. Cashmere". What show would you watch?

Have a FABULOUS holiday weekend!

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