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Just Because...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yay or Nay: Chef Robert Irvine Seasoning Blends..

It's all about the celebrity chef branding my friends and here's my question: Would you buy spices from Dinner Impossible's Chef Robert Irvine? Ladies - forget the guns and let's focus on the issue at hand please.

Let's see - Bobby Flay has spices at his site, Giada's got her stuff through Crate & Barrel - hell I'm in Dillards the other day and not only do they carry Barefoot Contessa and Rachael Ray but they also carry Paula Dean's food products - it's all about the branding and the Food Network seems to have that one on lock.

SO - Yay or Nay! Who wants to be the Guinea Pig?? Well, besides me *LOL*

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