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Paranoia Hits: Copper Cookware Could Be Linked To Cancer?

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paranoia Hits: Copper Cookware Could Be Linked To Cancer?

Apparently so. According to the site on Jacobs Kitchen (fabulous e-store btw - got my ladle from them and they ship QUICK! Love Love Love them), there was a disclaimer that sent me into panic mode.

From their website:

California Prop 65 Warning: "Products sold on this site including the brass used on the handles of Ruffoni Cookware may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm."
Well, you know I love my copper pots and currently I'm in lust with a small little copper butter warmer ala the one Nigella uses. That's not so hard to ask for, right? Then I see this. Then paranoia sets in because I have enough health issues - don't need to add any more, ya know. So, Detective Lys is on the case.

Into Williams-Sonoma I go the other night and I encountered dingbat manager "J" who I have had "issues" with before. In a nutshell, every time I deal with the guy, he appears to be missing a marble (or three). I asked him about the whole disclaimer and I get a "HUH WHAT?" type response. I should have known better than to ask that kid *LOL*. (Don't worry - I left him standing.)

After meeting with the above response, I reconciled myself to the fact that I must go to the Internet to find out the answer to my question. Plus, I have a note on my ever growing to-do list to email Ruffoni and Mauviel to find out their stance because I feel that if I'm investing in these pots, dammit they better work. I wonder - does Tyler Florence or Nigella know about this -because they have copper in their kitchen.

A friend of mine adores the copper pot and told me that they have to be re-tinned if they are scratched. If the copper is showing, that's when it gets toxic. SO - no more Ruffoni with the lovely acorns - tis going to be Mauviel with the Stainless lining for moi. And thank god for Le Creuset because every article I read recommended the cast iron/cast iron w/ enamel. (I adore my LC as well - so I'm not cheating on them by looking at Ruffoni or Mauviel, right?)


For your reading pleasure (if you are paranoid curious like me), here are some articles I found:

That last article sealed the deal for me. Everything and it's momma causes cancer, from what I guess. So, the final consensus is nope - not returning the pot. But I'm also not getting a copper fry pan either. I'll stick with the Le Creuset on that deal.

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