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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Not Trolling... Seriously...

I have a huge Guilty of Idiocy post but, in the interest of time and because I'm later than the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, I figured I'd post quickly before I departed to my new role as the crazy nosy neighbor on the porch, cardigan & all. All I need is a cane and to learn how to scream "Whippersnappers" and I'm set. I've already got the attack cat.

Well, I'm going to my first "Neighborhood Watch" meeting tonight in Altamonte. No, this is not motivated by the fact that I saw the cop from when I first moved to Altamonte. No, this is not motivated by the fact it's at the Police Department. It's actually motivated by the fact that we've got too much crime going on in our area and dammit, I'm mad. Plus, I have to use my big mouth for something, right? Well, besides talking to idiot customer service reps like they are children.

Of course, if I just so happen to run into Mr. Officer, well, that's a bonus right? Yeah, I know. I'm trolling. Just don't tell him, okay? Let's keep it between us.
NO, he wasn't there - I'm sure he was on patrol, but I can say that the meeting tonight was well worth my time. I am very shy when put into situations like a new class, meeting with strangers, etc. and was all "Do I/Don't I" prior to. Throw me in a club, I'm cool and the furthest from shy (Meowmix says I'm mean, but eehhhh). Throw me into a situation like this, I'm a fraidy cat at least until I get used to the environment.
After getting a stern talkin' to from JoeZ. and my father to just go, I grabbed an ice coffee from Starbucks (less chance of them swiping the coffee at the door. Don't cops normally prefer Dunkin'?) and went into the meeting. I'm happy I did. I finally was able to have a conversation with people who care about the community and actually start to use my brain. My brain has been sort of rotting, I might say, at the 9to5 due to the burn out. I was able to talk intelligently about issues facing our community, issues that I encountered up north and how they might be cropping up again with children/teens/adults that have relocated here, and have an honest exchange with other like-minded people. I also found out that I could volunteer with the PD and I'm going to look into it in more detail. I did have to giggle at a few things that were asked, but the officers took the questions seriously and really alleviated the attendees' concern.
I think my city has a fabulous PD and, for once, I'm finally feeling at home in Florida. These cops are like my crew up north - honest, forthright and just straight up real.

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