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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Someone Send Me My AARP Membership Card Please...

During my self imposed quarantine, I had some time to catch up on my blogs and internet browsing. Surprisingly enough, there was no online shopping either by yours truly. I know I know - let me just pat myself on the back and make sure I pay yet another bill. *cursing the holidays*

Anywho - I have these moods where I am curious about what certain exes (and non-exes) are up to - just because I'm nosy like that. Most of the time I'm either still close with my exes and we have mutual friends or, in the case of a few, I'm not on friendly terms but stuff still gets relayed to me. I know A. is fine because I haven't seen his name in the papers or court documents unless he's testified (he is a cop after all - Meowmix is still wondering how the heck he passed that damn test). H. - well MB still gives me updates from time to time, but eeeh. Mark - the less I hear, the better off I am. See, where I lived in W. Mass, it's a small community and everybody yips. I mean, everyone and their momma, their cousin's 1/2 brother twice removed's baby sister knows your damn business. Bec & I can go out to a bar and I know at some point we'll run into someone from back in our Annies days that will screech "Lys - are you still with Mark??" Hell to the no. Last I saw him was a few years ago, we spoke for a bit and he's in the same place - livin' at home with momma, on disability (again - I swear he's allergic to work) and just being a drunk fool.

Well, you ever get curious about where your old schoolmates, etc. are and MySpace them? Well, I was bored and yes, I did peek. Mark has a highly boring profile on there but surprisingly, his son has a MySpace. When I dated Mark for those 6 1/2 years, I spent many a weekend with them as that was supposed to be my stepson, the whole birthday, holidays, etc. whenever his ex-wife wasn't being a witch. Mark's ex wife was QUITE the character. Character is the real nice way of putting it and when you say it raise your eyebrows a bit. His ex wife used to tell me that she never really thought Mark was the boy's real father as when he went away for school for 6 months after they got married, she had needs and kinda messed with X, Y and, occasionally, Z. Again - Character.

So back to the son issue - I'm clickin' away and boom - there's a younger blonder version of Mark but under the son's name. There is no denying Mark is the father. Let's do the math, I was with Mark for over 6 years, his son was, I dunno, about 4 or so when we started dated (or was it three) and when we broke up he was about 9/10. Hmmmm.... but this profile says he's 17 fuggin' years old. SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD???

Hot damn - someone hand me a cane please. Apparently somehow time flew and I just wasn't on that ride.

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