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Friday, February 08, 2008

I Didn't Want To Like It...

Yes, as if you don't know from the quotes on the side bar, I'm one of those gals who HAD to watch Sex & The City every week. I have every season on DVD and there are episodes that I can watch over and over and over again and it still captures my interest for the entire episode. I adore Candace Bushnell's writing and, in my quest and eternal hope that H. would get a CLUE as to how a REAL woman thought, eons ago I lent H. my Season 1 of Sex & The City. (No it didn't help AND his mother thought it was soft core p*rn - go figure.)

When I heard that they were developing Candace's book "Lipstick Jungle" for the small screen and on network tv, I knew that, more than likely as it was *ahem* 'Network Television', it would be watered down but still - classic Candace since it was her overseeing everything. Everyone was touting it as the second coming of "S&TC". Then there was that fall out between Darren Star, producer of S&TC and Candace Bushnell whereby next thing you know each had a show for rival networks - Darren Star with Cashmere Mafia for ABC and Candace Bushnell with Lipstick Jungle for NBC.

Well, c'mon - I mean Darren Star had Patricia Field - the original stylist from S&TC for Cashmere - I'd HAVE to love it, right? Same premise - a gaggle of girlfriends living the high life in NYC. Realistic, no, but then again - how many shows are focused on high powered women - not too many.

I watched a few eps of Cashmere and as it went on, I quickly fell out of like with it. Yes, the story premise is cool, I adored the fashion but the STORY didn't grab me - it was definitely trying to recreate the Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte vibe but sometimes one can try TOO hard, you know. And that was its downfall for me. I didn't race home to see it on the Tivo. I didn't save it to watch again and get fashion inspiration. Truthfully, there was really only one fashion inspiration, maybe two for me but that was it.

Everyone's been yippin' about the competition - Lipstick Jungle - on NBC and I was DETERMINED not to like it. I love Lindsay Price and think she's a fabulous actress since her All My Children days but Brooke Shields - oh lord no. I refused to read/watch any press for it because, inevitably, in interviews you know some tabloid journalist will ask her "How's TomKat and Suri" or something stupid like that and that would absolutely overshadow the concept of the show. And I'd get pissed. And I'd refuse to watch at all or give it a chance -- hey - at least, if anything, I'm honest. I'd harbor annoyance and resentment of some sort. In reality, I'll admit that I was afraid that they would destroy the book. The book I've read a few times and devoured it quickly, enamored with all the characters and what I envisioned they would be in my mind - not a Brooke Shields ensemble cast.

I'm here to admit I watched it last night and, well, you see, ummm, errra, well, like, you know....

I was wrong. I was absolutely dead wrong.

Lipstick Jungle is not a new Sex & The City. Lose that idea, please when you watch it - don't draw similarities or try to compare it - it's its own entity. It was true to the book, imo (which some of those tv critics/journalists might want to read and don't use S&TC as research/reference only). These actresses flushed out the characters so well and the chemistry between all three doesn't even seem forced. It flows. The fashion is impeccable. The storyline - it was a pilot and a bit rough but still, well written. The acting - hell I actually believed that it wasn't Brooke Shields and her Calvins up on the small screen but Wendy Healy, studio head always trying to please everyone. The insecurity and strength was VERY well played and Lindsay Price stole the show with her interpretation of Victory Ford. Kim Raver (formerly of "24") plays the high powered magazine editor Nico Reilly and I thought she did the whole "act with balls" type interpretation of the high powered woman with a touch of humanity.

One final thing - the eccentric billionaire who woos Victory is played by none other than ANDREW MCCARTHY - OH. MY. HOLY. HELL! If anything took me back to the days of Pretty In Pink and wanting to trade places with Molly Ringwald it was last night. That man STILL has it. He really got into the character. And did you see him - seriously. Well take a gander.

Lipstick Jungle, you hooked me. I didn't want to like you, I swear, but I'm a goner.

For those that did NOT get a chance to see it/forgot to set the Tivo/fell asleep or just want to give it another chance - you can download it for free at or catch it on the USA network this weekend.

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