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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Thing of Beauty - A Necklace Like Giada's....

I get ALOT of interesting google keywords leading some new visitors here (some of which we'll save for another day of NaBlahBlah365) but one favorite of readers is that Food Network Chef - Giada de Laurentiis.

It's no surprise I use many of her recipes in my cooking and, yes, I want her kitchen - I mean, it's my opinion that she has some of the coolest stuff on her set. It was through Everyday Italian that I learned the wonders of Global Knives, Le Creuset and keeping spices fresh every 6 mo. or so. I learned with the right tools and ingredients - an ordinary dish can be fabulous.

One thing that is interesting is her fashion - more specifically, her necklaces. She wears three floating chains with Diamonds on them (Tiffany - of course) and I always thought they looked elegant. However, I rarely put a CZ on my neck and diamonds, outside of the one necklace I won in the Bahamas on my birthday, are just really not me.

Y'all know I adore D. Celestine Designs and can I say Diana has some jewelry that just rocks my world. It's chic. It's elegant. It's timeless. I got my first piece of D. Celestine jewelry, a pair of filagree & pearl earrings, a few months ago but had my eye on a specific necklace that I said I would get for myself when I hit a certain goal. Knowing that I have a big business/fun trip planned for Philly in a few weeks, no time like the present, right?

Ladies/Gents, may I present the Giada necklace, inspired by Food Network's own Giada de Laurentiis:

I adore this piece. It's FAR from gaudy, sits perfectly at the base of the neck (and has an extender which can be a godsend for us plus size gals!) and just is stunning. It captures the random hitting of the glint of silver much like Giada's necklaces do during a natural shift. Its sterling silver and I have to say, it is one of my favorite go-to pieces. I've been wearing it almost every day this week and I just got it on Friday. It is quite the conversation magnet.

So, if Giada inspires you or you just adore some well made jewelry, why not pop over and get a little somethin' somethin' for yourself for Valentines day from D. Celestine Designs. I can't praise Diana's work high enough. You will NOT be disappointed - Trust!

Also - for those that must have stuff as seen on Everyday Italian, I created a little list on Kaboodle that will be updated as I come across stuff in my shopping travels. You can check it out here. This is for those other googlers that ask "Giada kitchen knives" and "Everyday Italian pot". Those that are looking for stuff related to her clothing or various *ahem* YouTube vids - you are on your own my friends. This isn't that kind of place.

*Giada de Laurentiis Photo courtesy of

**Giada Necklace Photo courtesy of D. Celestine Designs

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