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Friday, February 01, 2008

Crazed Over... eBay??

Things are starting to get back to normal in the Lys' household - my shiny new laptop is starting to earn its keep, I'm resisting the urge to go shoe shopping and my favorite Le Creuset outlet store is having a sale on my red skillet - wherein I'll probably have to go out and about tomorrow. And, still, yet I remain blah and uninspired and we're only 32 days in of NahBlahBlah.

Let's talk about the craziness of eBay, shall we? The past couple of weeks, I have been going through all of my cookbooks and I've banished a few from my house. These are cookbooks I don't use and love - i.e. Paula Dean, Sandra Lee and Rachael Ray. Some of my other cookbooks I adore such as my Italian cookbooks, the classics ala Joy of Cooking, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and Nigella and a few others that are on the fence. If I will see the need, they stay - if they don't fit my cooking style - onto eBay they go.

Currently, I have two Paula Dean cookbooks up for sale on eBay and here's what makes wonder. See, there's a bidding war for a book that people can get off Amazon for cheap and it's probably on sale at your local bookstore. It is the Paula Dean Celebrates and currently people want to pay $15.50 for it. I started listing it at $.99. There are a number of them up on the site but yet people are bidding on this cookbook like it's autographed or something.

Last week I sold about 8 cookbooks and made a nice little sum that's going back into my replenish my e-Fund for the recent laptop purchase. So now I'm looking around the house for what else I can declutter and get rid of. I'm sure if I looked in my closet I'd have items for sale like *that*. But I'm of the opinion that people get all caught up in the "must win" mentality that eBay seems to foster. How many people get all "I gotta have it" about an auction over something that is not so rare. Then again, I used to be the same way myself over some items.

In storage up north, I have a stack of scripts that I would go nuts to have off of eBay. My first script was from a charity auction when I went to Toronto with Meowmix and that started my fascination. I would scour eBay for hours for scripts from my favorite episodes and movies. I haven't thought about those scripts in ages and perhaps I will go look for them when I fly up north in April/May but back then, I loved reading them. I had scripts from Sex & The City, La Femme Nikita, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more. I'm sure now I could list them and pass along the love, but back then I had the "gotta have it" fever. Not to mention that when I was working for one client, I would archive all of their old and new stuff and found old teen magazines that they were featured in. I think I probably still have them in one of the boxes.

How are you with eBay - love it/hate it? Or am I the only one curious about the people getting all crazed.


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