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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fate For The Win...

Its no secret that I *heart* USAA. Not only do they have superior benefits and excellent customer service, but they also make my paycheck available a day prior to payday. Love that.

Well, as we USED to (used to because this is our last 15th & 31st paycheck) get paid twice a month, the 9to5 is now changing to a bi-weekly pay period*and, with that - they are now not paying us until the 18th. Knowing that and how I have bills due, I turned around and changed my bank allotments. I tuned into my bank and saw a huge increase in what's in my USAA (hence my SW purchase). I thought some overtime and sickday cashouts took place and we were told our other changes wouldn't happen til the 18th on payday.

Aren't I the dunce. I logged into my other bank account and found them to have my changes - I didn't get paid my "bonuses", just my changes. Guess that means I have to rework the budget this weekend.

Lys = Dunce!

*Don't even GET me started about how we were told to call our banks/landlords/creditors and change our due dates. Ummm.. yeah - I'll shut up about that.

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