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Friday, March 28, 2008

This Too Shall Pass...(Or Will It?)

These past couple weeks, things have been moving crazy fast and, along the way, when the stress has gotten to the breaking point - something has diverted my attention from the elephant that has been looming - situations at the day to day.

Sure, my bag popped up and I was distracted. Then my glasses - I said "Hmmm..the Universe heard my request". This morning was the kicker tho - I got an email from my gal D that THE Weitzmans I wanted - the Tortoise Fever ones were in MY SIZE FOR DIRT CHEAP at Bluefly - now I'm excited and think "Hmm... great day today!" (They should be here in a week)

If I only knew that the Universe was about to pull the rug out from under me. See - it's been placating me with little "bribes" to make me not face the inevitable - bad behavior cannot be tolerated and y'all know, I cannot suffer BS lightly. As of 7:54 tonight - the old Lys returns. The one who WILL talk back. The one who WILL say what's wrong with you. The one who WILL say the only person that will be the best person might be Rosie the Robot - I'm human. I can only stand so much.

And, even better is what it took for me to really say "ENOUGH" is something that I haven't had to deal with for a year and a half - an attack on my side. See, throughout my teens and early 20s, I would suffer from frequent diabolical attacks on my side and flare-ups of diverticulitis. It would feel like someone would stab me repeatedly, twist the knife, wait a second and do it again. I would avoid tomatoes, acid and things that would send me to the ER. Since I moved to Orlando they still happened but not as severe. I know how to take care of it - normally Advil, rest and an aversion to any and all tomatoes (tho sauce and ketchup are no problems).

Since I started eating healthy, I haven't had a problem in the past year and a half AND I can eat tomatoes. Sure I get sick sometimes but when I crave it - I indulge - because when I get sick, it's not the attacks. It's manageable. Today - I got walloped - and, like a trooper (or fool) that I am, I soldiered on. Because no matter HOW livid I was, dammit I would NOT let anyone's antics get the best of me. There is a reason WHY I always keep Advil nearby.

And then, as a brief "It's OK, Lys - hang in there", the Universe gave me a little distraction when I was in Costco tonight picking up a couple things - Sur La Table's cookbook that I spotlighted on Cooking In Stilettos yesterday. I was going to order it this weekend but it was cheaper at Costco and, while I can't get it autographed, that's fine. I want to use the book and if it's signed, I might freak out. So I'll be perusing the pages at some point trying to clear my head before Monday.

But this weekend is MY weekend and dammit, if work calls, I'm not available. I'll be too busy cooking, resting, planning my buddy's birthday surprise, returning some shoes I don't need (that money is better in my bank account) and making room in my closet for the new Weitzman pumps.

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