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Monday, March 03, 2008

The Philadelphia Report…

[Note: This was written prior to today’s posting]

Well, the weekend is over and, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m testing a new Word program so I’m writing this on the plane from my lovely Business Class seat, sipping on a free Diet Coke all the while I’m kissing the ground that AirTran walks on. You know I *heart* this airline, right? Sure I could have cocktails on the plane, but after yesterday – I’m cocktailed out until, oh, at least next month. Yeah – it was that bad [more on that in a moment].

First of all, I have to say that seeing Reese is always a blast! She’s definitely one of those gals who I admire and learn from – confident, strong character and sparkling personality. We pretty much are hitting up Philadelphia about a couple times a year if all goes right. We had some business to take care of and, once that was over, fun was to be had. And the shopping – oh the shopping.

A lesson I learned this week: There ARE No Coincidences. None – nada. Everything happens for a reason. Get your coffee – this is going to be a long one.

First instance:

Thursday, Jas couldn’t go with us to the show however our boy Rome did. We had a fabulous time, I finally understand any and all of Reese’s discussions of characters at an English Beat Show, met the band (fabulous fabulous people!) and upon walking into the show there is a guy who, upon hearing his name, Rome promptly stopped and talked with – why, because we have been trying to get in touch with this guy for well over 6 months for something for a client of ours. How weird that the exact person we needed to talk to was just there right as we were walking in. Definitely not a coincidence.

Second instance:

Saturday we were going to lunch with the ever so charming CK and decide to go to a spot on South Street called Copa Banana. It’s right next to Jim’s Steaks and they have the best cocktails – the mojitos, the Sangria (my favorite), the margaritas, and more. You really must stop by if you ever go to Philly. Their food was amazing and we just had a good time. When you get Reese, CK and I in a room, cocktails will be imbibed, much laughter will be had and we always spend longer than allotted (let’s say we planned an hour and a half – it was much longer) Well, while we were hanging out at Copa, our boy Jas calls to find out the schedule. He isn’t going to let Reese and I leave town without saying hello – he’s cool like that. Upon hearing that CK was with us, the next thing I know - Jas is saying “I’m on my way.

There are always random get-togethers when I go to Philly as I’m friends with a number of people from back in the show days. I love for everyone to get along and my friends are always cool people. Those that aren’t – aren’t my friends. Plain and simple.

First, I have to say that CK and Jas haven’t seen each other in 19 years. 19 years people – 19 YEARS. In strolls Jas through the door and it was just good vibes. More cocktails are ordered, hugs, back pounds (guy thing, I know), and all is good. Now it’s about 5:00, Jas is finagling his way out of working that night as we were all due to go out later. So, as we are all drinkin’ and talking and laughing and catching up, my heart about stops. I had looked up to see this guy staring me down as he’s being seated in the table NEXT TO OURS and it is our old floor producer, RH. Oh. My. God. All they heard me say was “RH?????” and I’m in shock – man I wouldn’t let him go if I could! The last I saw him was I want to say in 1991.

RH was the guy who kicked our butts into line. I think I mentioned before that during my time on that show, I’d hear “LYS, You’re PULLED” which meant dance my happy butt into the corner. He was like an older brother to us, stern but loving. I was a brat – plain and simple. I chewed gum, I got into “tifts” with girls who were looking at the guy I was dating as well as the dumb azzhat guy for messin’ around. I wore all black on camera if I could. And we won’t go into the time that some people told me some bad news and I about had a meltdown in the bathroom. Yeah – looking back I was a brat. There’s no other term for it. In a weird way, I think I was also acting out because of drama going on at home. The set was my haven away from a lot of mess and helped me deal with all the changes. RH’s gal Yvette was the one who was so patient with me and taught me about publicity and always encouraged me to go for whatever I wanted to do in life.

So seeing RH unplanned, totally random after all my times asking about him and wondering how the hell he was, I just about lost it. I got teary. So now you have both CK and I who haven’t seen RH in about 18 years; Reese who had not seen RH in 2 years, and Jas (who sees RH often). As Reese said, there was a lot of healing going on.

No party would be complete without Rome, so with that Jas and I are whipping out our cell phones to text him to get his happy butt to the Copa to see RH. Man, Rome booked it and that provided the hilarity later in the night. Funny sidenote: There’s parking on the side streets, and Rome was so excited and in a rush he left his keys IN THE CAR. We later discovered that during the duration of our time with RH and the crew, the car was RUNNING! Yeah he was excited – just a bit.

We also met RH’s friend GG and she is just a phenomenal woman. Straight up real. Loves her! See the random doesn’t always happen to us, it also zapped her. As GG is sitting there laughing at all the stories being flown around the joint about show days, her friends walk in. She had no idea they were coming and, with them, is her friend from LA who is the sis to an A List celeb and GG had not seen her in a while. Man – there was so much laughter, memories and phone numbers being exchanged. Lots of reconnecting, positive energy and I’m still flabbergasted.

So let’s see, we went to the Copa at 12:30 and we left around 8:30 p.m. We were at the Copa for 8 hours people. 8 HOURS! Oh my lord. Our waitress was the shnizit and she kept the cocktails flowing. Don’t worry – I was the responsible driver and I cut myself off early and was alternating water and cocktails earlier on too. It was just one of those things that could not be planned. All my trying to organize everyone to come together couldn’t compare to what went on Saturday night.

As we are leaving the Copa, a decision was made to go back to the hotel and hang out at the hotel bar. We were supposed to go to a club but we didn’t want to deal with dress code drama and that stuff so, instead we were swiping a table and the party came over to our spot. It was now Reese, CK, Jas, myself and Rome and we shut that place DOWN!. More cocktails. To quote Reese “Christmas in a glass”, I decided since I wasn’t driving anymore that Baileys was my poison of choice, Jas and his Goose, and Rome and his Coors Light ;) (Sorry – had to say it). As we’re having a blast and more stories are being traded, we hear BB King was in our hotel. BB KING? Are you flippin’ kidding me. No I didn’t meet him, but still. BB KING? That man is a legend.

Now – this is what I love about Philly. You can find anything you are looking for and you never know WHO might cross your path.

There are no coincidences. Of that, I’m positive.

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