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Monday, April 14, 2008

Shoe Love...

I told y'all that while I was shopping "blindly", I decided that shoes would make me feel better, right? I have been in lust with a pair of coral Chanel pumps since I fondled them in Palm Beach. They were vibrant, gorgeous and oh so stunning. The price, well - you can figure it out since it's Chanel. Tho, I have to confess, I did seriously think of raiding the emergency fund but thought twice.

So, Friday night, when I was walking to LensCrafters, I passed by Cathy Jean, a fabu European shoe store that I sometimes shop in. And this shoe caught my eye. It was the same brilliant coral as the Chanels and it was stunning, felt very well made and I knew I had to have it. Sadly, they did not have it in a 10, but the gal was sweet enough to let me try it on in the Black shade and it fit like a glove. I ordered it and it should be here by next week.

Also, I finally caved into my ombre obsession. While I still heart the SW version, I decided to go a bit cheaper and get the Baker's peep toe ombre pump. It was $39.99 and it will be rocked this week for a big client presentation.

Clearly, Imelda Marcos needs to give me her title of shoe queen.

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