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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spreading the Wealth - Revolution Money Exchange...

The Fabulous Mrs. Micah tuned me into a new little service that is quite intriguing - Revolution Money Exchange. Basically, from what I'm gathering - it's like an alternative to PayPal. Not bad, right? But you don't get charged a FEE to send money to other people. That kills me sometimes because when I send money to peeps or vice versa, Paypal is making a nice little profit off of yours truly. So this gives me options.

Per Ms. Michah:

No need for commitment, it’s just like Paypal. You sign up and then you use it or don’t use it as you need to. You still get the $25 without even using it once (though you’d have to link a bank account to claim your money). (A transaction fee applies for check withdrawals ($2.50 per check), check stop payments ($20 per check), paper statements ($5 per statement), ACH returns ($35 per returned ACH), and overdrafts ($35 per overdraft). But you can withdraw electronically for free.).

Now - up through April 15th, if you sign up, they will give you $25 towards your account, shoot a little money my way and then, should you want to spread the wealth, they will give you $10 for anyone that YOU refer. What are you waiting for - that $25 can go far my friends. Enjoy!

You can sign up here:

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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