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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Road Bug Is Calling My Name...

[Indulge my proud publicist tendencies for a second please. Thank you!]

I've said for a while that I don't miss road life. The touring can be draining beyond belief and sometimes you only want your own bed. However, weekend gigs are a whole other matter - you hop on a plane and in a matter of hours you are at a gig, doing press, whatever. It can also be draining but, with the right clients, it's a blast and a half.

The bug bit me again last week when I went down to Tampa to catch up with JoeZ and FormerClient. But, as I remind myself daily, I have responsibilities here in O-Town and, of course, I had to work this weekend. Talk about making a gal cranky. I missed the Freestyle Music Awards last month due to work obligations and, again, this weekend, I missed another monumental event. JoeZ and FormerClient had a huge show last night in Trenton and from what I have heard kicked ass. They brought the house down and played to a HUGE arena - sold out, 10,000 (or more) screaming die-hard freestyle heads.

It's times like this where I go "Why am I in Orlando still?". The knife dug a bit deeper when I heard that some old friends of mine from back in the day were in attendance. I caught some backstage highlights on YouTube and, sure enough, there was my buddy JoeyC. from the show on there. I'm waiting for JoeZ to tell me that the video has been uploaded but I had to share a couple photos that were posted today, courtesy of my buddy Kenny over at

Check out my Favorite, by far, photo of JoeZ (well besides the one of him at his nieces birthday party with celebrity fan Barney but shhhh.. I didn't tell you about that one). He called me this morning with a recap of the show and, inevitably, it turned to wardrobe choices. He told me I would love this jacket and, normally, when a guy tells me I would "love" an outfit, I am not a fan of the choice. So, I'm thinking "Crap - I really need to talk to soandso about clothing sponsors" but, after seeing this, I have to admit I was surprised. Note: JoeZ -I like the jacket. I'll shut up now.

Here's FormerClient (the other good photo was a Beyonce pose but I figure if y'all want to see it, head over to Kenny's site for the photos)

And this photo of them with Kenny backstage is classic!

Times like this reminds me how I really need to be home. I'll just have to settle for the video for now.

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