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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Maybe I Should...

Auburn Kat put this one out there and, still suffering from the post-Philly brain fry, here we go...

*Maybe I should... stop being such a night owl.

*I love the smell of... flowers, especially lilacs and roses.

*People would say that I... look unapproachable in a club and, while I hate to say it - mean. 'Tis the nature of my job. Plus, I'm not a club gal. I love dancing but can't deal with the drama that's often associated with nightclubs.

* I don’t understand why... guys feel the need to play games.

*When I wake up in the morning... I roll over and go "Ugh - do I REALLY have to get up?"

*I lost my will power to... deal with a few people from my past.

*Life is wonderful with... those I'm blessed with - friends and family.

*My past made me... a much stronger woman.

*I get annoyed when... I have to repeat myself three times.

*Parties are not... fun to plan for this gal.

*Dogs are... loyal and dependant.

*Cats... are loyal and independent.

*Tomorrow I am going to... try to catch up on my blog reading? Start eating healthier? Stop buying shoes?

*I have a low tolerance for... lack of a better term - bullshit.

*I fear... being in another abusive relationship.

*I wonder why I thought my life would be... like a novel.

*Never in my life... have ever enjoyed feeling the need to play the dumb blond to get my point across.

*High school is something that... I can gladly say "NEVER AGAIN!" Ugh people at my school could be horrid!

* When I'm nervous... I either flip into publicist/work mode or become quiet.

*Take my advice... if you are thinking joint finances and you are NOT married, think again.

*Making my bed is... not my favorite thing.

*I'm almost always... wondering what some ulterior motives are with certain individuals.

*I'm addicted to... ice coffee.

*I want someone... when I'm dating them, to see me for me and not, for once, try to interject themselves into my career. Two independent lives is my motto.

OK - if you are reading and want to do this, let me know in the comments!

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