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Friday, May 09, 2008

You're Taking Me....

To the Point of No Return..

Woke up hella early on my day off today - was watching CBS The Early Show (which I NEVER do) and the ongoing live coverage of the funeral of the police officer who was gunned down in Philly on Saturday. As the city is crazed today, I figured I'd take the time and center my thoughts before I embarked on the chaos that is bound to be around every corner today.

Well the year they spotlighted for newscaster Maggie Rodriguez's prom was 1987, a year which is very memorable to many of those that will be attending the party tonight. 1987 was the year that I really started watching the show (I didn't dance on it til 88). 1987 is the year that my favorite genre of music (and a genre I still work in), Freestyle hit its stride. 1987 had some music that I still love to this day.

At the close of the show, they had special guest, Gloria Estefan from Miami and I thought that was the final *big* guest. Until they pulled away to a shot of one of my absolute favorite Freestyle groups, Expose, to perform live. Talk about huge memories.

To think, that is just the start of the day - and what a way to start.

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