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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Philly - Top Ten Quotes To Describe Our Trip...

Here are a few memorable utterances heard on the trip to Philly. Please note that due to my brain fry-age, this list compiled by mostly Meowmix...

  1. "Why the hell is my azz warm?" [doh - heated seats Lys - don't you check out the car before you rent it?]
  2. "You are entirely the wrong sex for him to notice you need a drink." [Meowmix to Jas when Ant, the bartender, wasn't paying him a lick of attention. Obviously later on in the night, Jas asked me to procure his beverages as my cleavage seemed to get Ant's attention more than once.]
  3. "Do I look like your freakin' secretary?" [Meowmix to Jas; also Lys to OurBuddy when asked to return a call *LOL*]
  4. "It looked a whole lot better on the hanger."
  5. "Ummm, THIS is the defroster..... I can't drive but I CAN defrog!" [Meowmix figuring out what the hell worked in the Impala]
  6. "SHUT UP you stupid GPS! THAT is a parking lot." [As the GPS gets Lys lost - again.]
  7. "Ummm, Lys, we're not arriving, we're departing hunny???" [Obviously, in the airport I missed a lane. Guess, I can't figure out left/right yet - shaddup, I KNOW!]
  8. "OMG, my feet hurt!"
  9. "BODY SHOTS!!!!" [Hence why B., the co-manager, ran scared from Meowmix the next evening. We only know because his boss, S., blurted out that he heard something about craziness abounding and Meowmix someone yippin' about body shots.]
  10. "Please don't scare this waiter.....!" [Lys to Meowmix who, upon encountering Mark, received a "notsobiggirl" drink. As she also edumacated S., Meowmix likes her drinks vat sized. Philadelphia doesn't seem to understand that when it comes to her sombreros - kahlua and milk for those not in the know, size does, indeed, matter]

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