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Monday, May 05, 2008

Sometimes You Just Have To Say "Oh Brother"...

I'm in a cranky type of mood...

Well, here we are, countdown to OurBuddy's soiree, and there's that elusive character from the background wondering why he's not on the list. We'll refer to him as TheCharacter.

Now, I'm a kinder, gentler Lys and I'm not a 15/16 year old kid anymore. If he shows up, I'll be cordial - I normally am. There will be no stiletto waving (I'll reserve that for someone else.) However, I don't need nor want his approval about anything I do in my life. A few years ago, one of his *ahem* friends made a point of telling me I should be grateful because if it wasn't for TheCharacter, I would have never met a long-standing client. I called her bluff on that one as I knew the client way before I met TheCharacter. That one remark pissed me the hell off and I reverted to feeling like a teenager when TheCharacter was calling my house to "talk to my parents". My parents, however, have never really put stock in anything that came from TheCharacter's mouth. Sure, I would get a show suspension and be told I need to "check my behavior" but whatever. I let it go. I'm not going to be controlled by someone like that. So that's my history with TheCharacter. I'm now in my 30s and things have changed.

Back to present day. I do, however, hate to see my friends uncomfy. There are issues from back in the day that always surface when TheCharacter is around and he has a habit of turning an event into something about HIM when in reality it's about OurBuddy. Not to mention, the last time I went to an event thrown by TheCharacter, there was obvious discomfort from some parties. I hate seeing that. I can ignore the pink elephant in the room but others might not be able to.

My thought is this - how do I keep the peace between all parties because if TheCharacter shows up - there is bound to be drama. Not to mention there are a couple people who play both sides of the fence. I don't play that game. I've told TheCharacter before that I've gotten to where I am because of who I am. I've always shown credit where credit is due, but he's not riding any of our successes like he tried to when a certain someone made it big. I don't want him to try and take credit for something he's clearly not a part of anymore. Sure, we all met indirectly through him - but it's US that have kept our friendships going strong - not him.

I'm seriously going to need wine - pre and post party. Thankfully Reese and Meowmix will be there - both of them won't waste a second slappin' me upside the head if I start feeling bad. I just want everyone to have a good time, even if it's just for one night.

If TheCharacter insists on showing up - he might not like my response so much. Sure, OurBuddy will put him on the list but it will be conditional and, for once, we'll have the restrictions on our side.

One other thing that's bugging me - all the people who said they would do so and so for the party - the publicists and managers who were all over the idea of a gift for OurBuddy. Yeah, it's May 5th and I see NADA - Nothing - NIL. Thankfully I put a plan B into play but man that pissed me the hell off. Next time they ask me for a favor, I might have to say "Sure, maybe, well perhaps." Somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew some people would flake. Oh well.

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