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Monday, June 09, 2008

Cha-Cha-ing the Night Away...

For those that saw the S&TC movie... these shoes.. you see them right there - the Gladiators that she wore throughout the film. Well, I am of the opinion that these shoes need to be in the closet - specifically MY closet. And now I've got a look in my head and its centered around a pair of cha-cha-cha sandals for Philly.

Well, my friends, let me display what I have found online that has me going "Hello Lovahhhhhhh"

When one is looking for something that is ummm.. a replica, you immediately know you have to go to the king of imitation (I'm saying it tongue in cheek so back down SMLegalCounsel!), where else, Steve Madden. So you must check out this somewhat wallet friendly pair.

This sandal from MAXStudio had me captivated the MINUTE I got the email from Piperlime. The fact I could possibly purchase it online, cash back that sucker from Nordys and go there to pick it up has me going "Hmmm.. possibly"

And Bakers threw their hat in the ring with their Gladys sandal, but, I have made it known that I'm not really a fan of too much Bakers in a gal's closet - call it my Jessica Simpson shoe paranoia (did you know they made her shoes - the ones that a couple Nordys people told me are allegedly so shoddy that they cracked in half and don't hold up to normal wear and tear). Hmmmm.

What's on your radar for summer shoes?

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