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Just Because...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Haz Interview With Fabulously Broke In The City?

A few months ago, Fabulously Broke in the City [virtually] sat down and interviewed me during one of her Interview Spotlights. Can I say how honored I was by doing this? Seriously, check out that side bar because every blogger she interviews runs amazing blogs. For her to even consider me, wow.

Because I've been negligent on much of my blog feeds due to my head spinning ala the exorcist from Project Hell IV and OurBuddy's Jammy Jam, I finally sat down and caught up on all of FB's posts that have been in my Google Reader (it took a couple of nights because this gal can write!!!). Well, this little gem was there. I finally read it tonight and wow - just wow. I'm all teary. Thank you again FB!!! You rock!

And y'all who aren't reading her - bookmark Fabulously Broke in the City. You'll thank me - trust!

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