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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wandering Soul...

I remember when I was young, I always had a fascination with Europe. I never knew why but I remember once announcing to my parents that I thought we should drive to Poland and go camping over in Krakow. Growing up, I went to a polish catholic school and we were required to take polish lessons frome grade 2 on. I guess I thought it would be neat to SEE the country where I learned to say "Go home and go to bed you old lady" (I thought I was brilliant - I know - far from). Through all those lessons I can only remember two things. The above phrase and the word for "Fish". Other than that - totally out of my head and no retention, whatsoever.

Even when I was getting in trouble from the nuns on the school yard for reading rather than being a social butterfly, I was obsessed with biographies and historical events, mostly Egypt history (still think Hatchepsut was the best. ruler. ever.) and World War II. Perhaps World War II due to my grandfathers fighting in it, but the history of Auschwitz really captivated me as I tried to understand how a person could inflict so much horror on a group of people because of their religion.

While I was in my teens, my desire to travel waned, but when I split from Mark eons ago, I ignited my passion for travel. Sure, I'd go to Philly on the regular but that really didn't count in terms of far and away. Thankfully, I was presented an opportunity to wander when I was doing PR and Vegas became one of my favorite destinations. Meowmix and I would escape to Toronto once or twice a year for various events but actually go to spots where I couldn't technically drive to wasn't until a couple years ago when I went on a cruise with Meowmix, Tra and one of their friends to the Caribbean.

Since then, I've wondered where else I should wander to. After I hit a couple personal goals in the next year or so, I know I want to actually "Travel". Straight up - break out a passport and zip around the world travel. (Note to self: Lys needs to GET a passport first. Perhaps that should be one of my immediate goals, no?)

I know that I want to go to Italy on some sort of a culinary vacation and, after running across a interesting blog with some seriously fabulous photos and travel stories this weekend, Poland crossed my path again - namely going to Krakow and visiting Auschwitz. Seeing the photos made me want to go check it out for myself. Egypt is still one of my "have to see" destinations. I remember Mark telling me once that we couldn't go to Egypt on our honeymoon due to the fact that he refused to muck about in sand. I don't think it's a popular honeymoon spot. Regardless, Egypt is still on my wish list, just not sure when it will be possible with all the unrest going on over there. And, of course, Puerto Rico is also on my itinerary - hopefully in the next year or so.

What are some of your favorite travel spots?

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