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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

The weather, at least in Central Florida, is miserable at best. It rains on the daily. When I first moved here, 6 years ago - it would rain in the afternoons between the hours of 2-4. The rain would be quick 10 minute downpours and then life would go on as normal.

A couple years ago, the daily rain time transitioned to between the hours of 3-5 but that would be fine. I could still swipe a coffee and be back before it started to pour. The downpours would be about 20 minutes. Fine - life could still go on and I'd deal.

Now - it's raining anywhere between the hours of 2-7 and when it comes down, it's torrential downpours, with rolling thunder and lightening bolts. Even better is when it starts at 5ish and Mother Nature wants to mess with Rush Hour. Have you SEEN a Central Florida driver. OH my holy hell - they act like "OH MY GOD ITS A BLIZZARD!" and freak the eff out. So, whoever pissed off Mother Nature - thanks. I really appreciate it.

God sometimes I really detest hurricane season.

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