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Friday, November 14, 2008

Paying It Forward...

What's that saying, "If you hurt, I hurt. If you bleed, I bleed."

I love those commercials for the insurance company where they talk about paying it forward. You know the commercial where the woman sees someone crossing a street, not paying attention and she pulls him back to the curb. Someone passing by sees her action and then helps someone else and it become a full circle of good-heartedness. Do I believe that can happen? Quite simply, yes.

I believe that people are compassionate. Those selfish s.o.b.s that don't think about how their action (or inaction) can affect someone - well that's their karma issue. However, speaking from my own experience, I've tried to be a little bit nicer, patient and more understanding - well, except when I have to deal with ineptitude but that's a whole other story. I believe in paying it forward.

This week, as I'm getting ready for work, I decided to shut off the iPod and listen to Doc & Grace on K92. Now, I adore Doc and he's a good egg (even if he is a Tampa Bay Rays fan) and he's always been one for saying "If it's for the community, call in". Well, that morning, he had Pat Michaels of Florida's Blood Center on the radio talking about a blood drive. Now, I see those blood drive vans in front of the office all. the. time. and think "I should give" but I don't because, quite frankly, I'm a chicken. Needles + me + blood = Are you flippin' kiddin' me??? Whenever I have to give blood at the doctors, I freak out. Hell, I don't even know my blood type. But, the urge to give is still there.

Well, on the radio interview was not only Pat but this woman talking about her daughter Talia who has Neuroblastoma. Turns out, there was a blood drive for Talia today at Fashion Square Mall from 11-5.

I thought I was hearing things - Neuroblastoma?? Wait - the childhood cancer? The dreaded disease that our friend Justine passed away from? The more she talked about the cancer and what her daughter was facing, the more and more I thought of Justine's last days and how she was caught so late in the game that there was no cure. However, that was in 1990. It's now 2008 and Talia has been in remission already once. However, she needs blood and platelets to hopefully give her a new lease on life. Talia is 9 and such a courageous little girl. You can read her story over here.

Not to mention, Jenny of All Eyes on Jenny and Sarah at Pink Shoe Diaries have talked often about their dear friend Dink and her platelet issues. So, you know me, if I hear something more than once, I pay attention. So, after reading about Dink's experience with platelets and Talia's need for platelets, I was floored. Apparently, platelets can help someone with cancer. It's not just the blood, but the stuff IN the blood that they need.

Well, I know that this is something I HAVE to do. So, today, I head over to Fashion Square Mall and, don't ya know, the place is packed. However, the time frame didn't allow me to stay over an hour as I had to get back to work. So, after talking with the uber fabulous Pamela, when I got back to the 9to5, I made a call, set up a profile and next Saturday I'll be at "Headquarters" paying it forward as they are draining 10% of my blood. Because, if it helps spare a little one (or big one) that is affected by the dreaded "C", then good. I've done my part. While I couldn't have helped Justine while she was sick, I can, however, help someone else beat this thing.

If you are in the Orlando area (hell, wherever you are), please call your local blood center and donate. Pay it forward people, pay it forward.

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