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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tis Done, The Vote Is Cast...

Did you guys get your behinds out today and vote?

I don't care which way you voted, as long as you spoke up. See, my theory is this - if you don't vote, you can't complain. Now I'm not saying that you can't complain if you CAN'T vote which is totally different.

I remember going to the polls with my parents when I was a kid. It really stuck with me. When I turned 18, I registered as an Independent and I never had to deal with the primaries and such. Just wasn't my thing. When my Bampa died, in his memory, I registered as a Republican as he would want one Republican on the rolls but I do NOT vote down party lines. I vote for what and WHO I believe in, both in the General Election and in the Primary. However, I do think he would have enjoyed this election and I'm sure he and I would have had some spirited debates.

I've had some interesting talks with friends and family about this upcoming election and I feel very strongly on some issues. And I noticed the questions were definitely written to be confusing - very legalese. Thankfully, I speak legalese fluently and, after reading it a few times, I channeled my inner law diva and got to voting. MB and I had some great talks about the system of checks and balances and, while I often say how politics make my head hurt, common sense wise, I get it. And I also believe that we are a democracy and our forefathers fought for our freedom and our right to vote. So to not exercise that right is, in my opinion, a shame.

So, hence my taking the task of voting so seriously. And by seriously, I mean actually doing my research on the issues, verifying with the Seminole Board of Elections my polling spot, GETTING UP EARLY, busting my chops to get to the CORRECT polling spot, waiting in line only to be told "Lys, ummmm... you aren't in this precinct. You have to wait in THAT line to find out what precinct." Ummmm.. NOT AGAIN. Remember, in the primaries, they couldn't find me on the rolls and such. Ugh!!! So I wait in ANOTHER line only to find out they changed my precinct from 64 to 34. Thanks for NOT telling me!!! Oh, and they forgot to send my voter card too. Double BOO!

So, I go wait in ANOTHER line for my new precinct (thankfully they were in the same building), the volunteer gal can't find my name and I spot it - UPSIDE DOWN - and point out my location and tell her this is MY precinct now!!! (Don't worry Mom - I was perfectly nice :).) I get my ballot, go to my little voting "stand" and grab the "special" pen to start filling out the circles. And boy did my head hurt but I was determined to figure out the legal stuff and then vote for President last. I knew the judges (well most of them) and the propositions and amendments and scribbled in my little circles like I was taking the LSAT all over again. And then it was done. And into the little ballot reader it went and I swiped my sticker and ran out the door. Starbucks was going to give me free coffee with that sticker and I held onto it like I won the lottery.

Well, as fate would have it, the free coffee was NOT good at all - as a matter of fact I make coffee that is 10x better than that swill but eeeehhhhh. I still enjoyed the fact that I voted my little heart out and my vote counted as much as everyone else's vote. No one is separated by job, race, sex - nada. We can all vote as ONE nation, even the homeless guy - it all counts.

And, to boot, for my birthday, as an Election Day baby, y'all are going to give not only me, but our entire country a fabu present - A Spankin' New President. Granted his first day on the job will be in January but you know what - tonight's news should be interesting. Let's just see how much Florida screws up the election this time.

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