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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Loser Also Gets The Spoils...

So, y'all know that I lost The Bet. Not only did I lose, but I went down in a ball of flames. Lesson to self: NEVER bet shoes with Meowmix. And, to boot, I was upfront and told her when I breeched the bet (so Rifleman, your "ratting me out" didn't help you one iota, buddy!). Speaking of ratting out, may I state for the record that, given the chance and a cocktail, that boy will sing like a canary about things he is NOT supposed to. I'm not saying anything in particular *cough cough* drunk texts *cough cough* but you know what I mean.

Well, I had to pay up and, by paying up, I mean I had to fork over the plastic at Bakers when she found a pair of "Slutty Red Shoes" (RIFLEMAN's description, NOT mine. I personally think they are quite snazzy). Well, they fit the criteria for the festivities on Friday:

Well, while I growled, I decided that I would never bet her again (at least with anything that has to do with my inner control freak, traveling or the BB Crew), I'll indulge her incessant "I told you so" and call it a day.

So, as I mosey on up to the counter with the shoes, I see a sign that says that if I sign up for the Baker club, I get 20% off shoes for my birthday (a whole week that doesn't expire until tomorrow - GEEEE!), 10% normally AND coupons and stuff. OK, that's perfect! Because, I mean if I have to lose a damn bet to Meowmix, somehow I need to save some $$$$. I won't TOTALLY lose, right?

So she procured her red sassy pumps, I have a discount card and she will be using those shoes to her advantage for a long time. (Her man seemed tres happy when he heard about the sassiness that awaited him when she returned back to the upper North). I also took the liberty to console myself with a pair of sassy shoes from Steve Madden that I have been coveting since I saw them a couple months ago. They also fit the above requirements, however they were not on sale.


'Sarit because they are hot as hell, look fabulous dressed up or dressed down, don't kill me when I trot down the staircase and I am one happy little pup...

Even if I did lose to Meowmix. :::sigh:::

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