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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clearly, I'm An Idiot...

Get your coffee and sit back as the story I'm about to tell you will have you crying - with laughter that is.

Before I travel, I have a routine. 24 hours prior to flying out of Orlando, I assemble all relevant travel documents, check any upgrade availability and check in. That's mandatory. I don't need to be stressed before a flight because, as you might remember from trips past that a frazzled Lys is not one to be dealt with lightly.

So, this morning, I mosey about my normal routine of assembling everything with a quick cursory review. I called AirTran to redeem some upgrade vouchers (saving your gal some serious $$$ for fun), had a giggle with the customer service guy going "Lys, I have a note you do NOT like the first row - why don't we move you to 2A" and then I'm ready to check-in. YAY - I'm OFF TO PHILLY!

I type in my route and confirmation number only to see "Not Found."

I type in my route with my frequent flier number and, again, I see "Not Found."

I rush to pull up the email document and there it is in black and white:

December 19th - Philadelphia TO Orlando
December 21st - Orlando TO Philadelphia

Let me just say it now - children - cover your ears - SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!

What I've always feared about doing happened. What I put out there a couple weeks ago as in "I hope I don't book this tix wrong" has happened. I need to fire that assistant of mine - namely me - because, clearly, she's an idiot.

AirTran has been lovely about this debacle, only giggling once or twice because, apparently, it does happen to others as well. At least those of us guilty of said mistake should form some sort of support group as in "People who are not allowed to book their own travel because they need to invest in a CLUE FIRST".

Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to head to all points snowy tundra tomorrow. The cost of my dumb mistake is pissing me off because basically, whatever money I saved via cash back, coupons and online research is pretty much paying for the change fees and airfare for the new flights. :::sigh:::

Of course Rifleman/JabberJaw is laughin' his azz off because only I would be such a dunce whose subconscious apparently thinks she's livin' in Philly and is visiting ORLANDO! Somehow I think I'll be hearing about this mishap for quite some time...

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