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Flat Irons Tips to Keep Hair Looking Healthy

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flat Irons Tips to Keep Hair Looking Healthy

Flat Irons for Hair

Flat Irons Tips to Keep Hair Looking Healthy

Flat irons for hair that are on the market today can deliver truly amazing results. Products like the Maxiglide hair straightener can detangle hair and preserve moisture, while the Infrashine hair straightener and the Bio Ionic flat iron can actually boost shine. While these are great products that won’t fry your hair like the flatirons of yesteryear, you have to remember that they can still cause damage if they aren’t used properly. Healthy hair is just something that is at the top of my list and, of course, I’m sure it’s on the top of yours too. After all, you have to admit that there is nothing quite as unattractive as fried, broken, and dull tresses. That just might warrant a What Not To Wear intervention with Nick and Carmindy in the lead, right? Whether your hair is extremely curly or can be straightened in a snap, here are some flat iron tips that will keep your hair looking its best.

Maxiglide Hair Straighteners

Tip #1: Turn Down the Heat for Curly Hair

For those who already have hair that is relatively straight, using a flat iron to smooth and straighten hair is usually quick and easy. Curly hair, however, can pose more of a challenge. Some flat iron tips you’ll find online will tell women with curly hair that they should turn the heat way up to get the results they want. (Hello - guilty as charged!!!) This isn’t a great idea, however, for women who want to keep hair healthy. Curly hair can be quite dry, and applying excessive heat can cause a lot of damage. So, avoid cranking the heat. Instead, make sure you have a flat iron made for unruly hair, such as the Maxiglide hair straightener. It’s specially designed to detangle curly hair, and it uses steam instead of potentially damaging heat to straighten curly, frizzy, and generally unruly locks.

Infrashine Flat Irons

Tip #2: Flat Irons for Hair Need Breaks Too!

I learned that today’s flat irons are much easier on hair than the products of years ago. The Infrashine hair straightener, for example, is touted for making hair look shinier and more conditioned. But don’t be fooled by that shine. You have to remember that using a flat iron every single day will eventually dry out and damage your hair. So be kind to your tresses. Give your flat iron a break on the weekends or over vacation, and give your hair a few days to recover.

Flat Iron Tips

Tip #3: Avoid Going Over the Same Piece Again and Again…and Again

Some flat iron tips will tell you to keep going over the same piece of hair until it is perfectly straight. Going over the same section five times or more, however, is a recipe for disaster because it is more likely to result in damage to your hair. (Yes, I’m guilty of this too!) If you’re using a good product like a Bio Ionic flat iron, there’s no reason why you should have to go over hair this many times. Remember, you want your hair straight, not dull and flat. Two, three, or four passes (at most!) should be enough for even extremely curly hair.

The Maxiglide hair straightener, Infrashine hair straightener, and Bio Ionic flat iron will give you the smooth, shiny, and ultra-straight hair you want. Just be sure to follow these tips to avoid damage and keep it looking healthy too.

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