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Monday, May 04, 2009

For The LOVE of God...

Will the news media shut UP about Casey Anthony - seriously. Every. Single. DAY there's something about this woman and that case.

Be warned - I'm on my soapbox.

So this chick's lawyer is now filing some motion to change venue in the morning as the defense feels the jury pool is "tainted". YOU THINK? She also seems to think that she'll get a fair trial from a different county? Give. Me. A. Break. Her (IMO) MediaHungry parents (who seem to give "exclusive comments every. other. day - *growl*) have made this so "in the forefront" that she won't get "her version" of what her and her team deam "a fair trial" anywhere.

Now - let me state for the record, this is just my opinion but, quite frankly, I'm so over this case already. I feel horrible for her dad and all but when her mother, Cindy, makes a comment that she decided to go on a morning show because it was "more ethical" than Oprah. Yeah, she's a fine one to talk. Hmmm.. how interesting considering that her deposition tape was supposedly sent to Oprah's offices by the civil attorney that deposed her lyin' behind or so a news station mentioned one morning.

Oprah's people decided they wouldn't go through with the interview -my guess is because Cindy tends to welcome cameras everywhere and anywhere. I just want this woman's 15 min. of fame to be over already and justice to be done.

There are other children that are missing in Florida and, sadly, they aren't getting the type of attention this @*@*#$*@*@* case is getting. Enough is enough already.

*jumps off soapbox*


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