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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Choice...

After my morning "Oh Em Gee - Look at this Manolo. I Die" email this morning (Daggone you Barneys, Neimans, Saks etc.), I do what I always do - forward it to Meowmix to go "I'm in Love." Now, granted when it comes to Manolo v. Loubou, well, they both are high up on my list.

Her response - "Ummmm... when did we graduate to $700 shoes"

Well, that would be today. I've had my eye on these gorgeous brown mini-peep toe Loubou pumps that were only a fraction of the price for the originals. The clock was ticking and, after multiple debates, emails to Meowmix, Kar, SL and crew, I had to make a decision. I originally rationalized it as "Well, if it crosses my path again, I'll pay attention". Couple that with "If I get cash back, I'll think twice" and, sure enough - it came across my path again WITH 3% cash back and these were the real deal. After that, it was down to a choice of "Shoes or TV" to replace the tv I had which is not working as well as it used to. Well, my inner Carrie Bradshaw won that debate. (Kar suggested I go with the shoes since I need to buy the TV after I move. TV and moving truck could equal breakage.) So, don't mind me as I immediately go into hiding after I stalk the mailman for my Loubous which are on their way to my hot not-so-little feet.

I'm so sorry FB. They were too good of a deal to resist and I'm back on e-Fund discipline tomorrow. Pinky swear!

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