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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wiggs & Hellcat: Truce On The Horizon??

Well there's been some progression in the Lys' household this week towards brokering the Furball/Mutt 2009 Peace Treaty. What it took, however, was every last iota of energy that I had.

Last week, when I took a nap with Shadow and wouldn't let him in the bedroom as she just got back from the vet, Wiggs decided, in a fit of retaliation, "Eff You Mama!" to lift his leg near the Cole Haan. How. Dare. He. Not to mention he's been acting like a devil dog since his grandpa left.

Much like a mother at wits' end with two horrible 2 year olds, the other night, I threw them both out of the bedroom and told them "You are going to go live with Grandpa if you two don't work this out - NOW! Understand?" Next thing I know, Shadow's laying down in the living room not scared of the dog; the dog isn't chasin' her just giving her the eyeball and she's actually enjoying her home. There have been a few chase scares but less drama than normal.

Even last night, she cracked me up, as evidenced by this picture (sorry - the blackberry quality sucks at night). She came out of her "luxury suite" to inquire as to what the hell the dog was doing. His response - he started chewin' his daggone bone while staring her down. She stared him down - he got up and went to go get water and she held her ground. She did, however hiss at him and he decided "Eff You Shadow!" and went back to his bone and his toys.

Perhaps there really is miracles or they are up to something ala Pinky and the Brain planning on overtaking the apartment.

UPDATE: Apparently I spoke too soon - this morning, as Wiggs and returned from his morning constitutional, Shadow was sprawled out across the floor in front of his path, staring at him with a look that said "Bitch - JUST TRY IT." Next thing I know, Wiggs is rushing after her even after the leash is still attached. Ugh. Ignore the massively messy Dog Toys everywhere. I can't seem to get him to learn "Put them back by your bed when you are done." It's an ongoing process.


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