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The Biggest Bitch Is Karma, Let Her Do Her Job

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Just Because...

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Biggest Bitch Is Karma, Let Her Do Her Job

For a little Monday music love, here's a vid that really will kickstart it in the right direction.  I especially like Pitbull's lyrics

...We all get burned
Those who survive are the ones that learn
If it don't kill ya, make you stronger
Pero no te ponga como una chonga
Even though I ain't gonna lie
It turns me on a little bit when you act like a bitch
Mama I know what you went through was hard
But the biggest bitch is karma, let her do her job

Don't even stress these clowns, baby you a queen, here's the crown
Enjoy yourself, you independent now 
They lose, and you winnin' now
You're a shootin' star, now let them know who you are

Talk about hittin' home.  I can think of a few people who Karma is about to bitchslap ;)  Enjoy!

Livvi Franc featuring Pitbull - "Now I'm That Bitch"...


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