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Monday, July 06, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Pay Attention...

I've had so much going on in the day to day that I've just been caught up like a working drone - work; home; pug; chores - over and over again. This weekend was the first time in a while I really chilled out after the chaos and really relaxed.

Well, somehow last night I had the weirdest dream about A. The dream involved him needing to talk to me about something important and he couldn't since Meowmix was blocking him from contacting me. Somehow, he and I chatted and all was fine. I can't remember the specifics of the conversation but all and all, it was one of those types of dreams that I woke up thinking "Da Hell?!?!?!" Not to mention that it is quite rare to even have a dream with A. in it plus remember it the next morning. When that happens, my instinct kicks in and I know that something is up.

Well, totally random - this morning I get the news that he's getting married in a couple months. He's marrying someone who also works for the same PD as him and understands his lifestyle (totally different than his last wife who would beg me to try to convince him to work a office 9-5. The man wanted to be a police officer ever since we first met so no, he'd never trade in his badge for a desk.)

In chatting with Meowmix, she also agreed that the timing of the dream and the info was peculiar to say the least but it showed me one thing - not only has he moved on but so have I. It goes without saying that I am beyond happy for the cat and his new bride. If she makes him happy, then all is right in my book. He has been through hell.

It also shows me that yet another chapter of my past is finished and only the best is ahead.

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