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Just Because...
Just Because...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sometimes A Little Reflection Is Good...

I know I'm super stoked about the upcoming move and looking forward the adventure ahead.  However, I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't think about what brought me here to Orlando in the first place.  I believed in a project so much that I left a good paying job at a major corporation to head forward into the unknown and handle the PR for a group of amazing individuals who, even to this day, I am so proud of.  Regardless of my issues with their management, I always believed in them and do to this day.  Anything that they call me for, you know I'll drop what I'm doing and help them out.  They have all grown up now and I still slip and call them kids, but the memories I have with them and their family is just priceless.  They are fabulous individuals and I adore them.

When times were tough, the people surrounding them became a surrogate family of sorts - and I can't imagine not having MB or Fus around to yip with.  They understood my frustration - Fus and her family let me spread my wings PR wise and handle things for the label, giving me major experience and huge learning opportunities.  I was able to reconnect with industry people from my past and revive those relationships, take on new clients and explore different genres.  I learned that sometimes you just have to branch out and have faith that the road you are on is the right one.  I also learned to rely on instinct and if something doesn't seem right or you just know it doesn't fit in your plan, then get rid of it.  I learned that some people are just downright snakes and your instinct won't lie to you.

Of course, when their band broke up and they moved back out West, I stayed here in O-Town and wound up getting the job I have now (and will have til Sept. 4th).  I met some amazing people regardless of someone's telling me to NOT work and that just "things would be taken care of" (thankfully I also learned that some people are full of ish and they just need to be gone!)  I learned responsibility at a level I never really had to before, where I became truly independent and could think for myself.  I embraced my inner bitch and dealt with the drama swiftly, only looking forward.  What would crying do to help me, not a damn thing.  I just had to soldier on. 

I also learned that besides the day to day, I needed a creative outlet, hence me starting Just Because... well, just because and meeting (virtually) some fabulous fabulous people that I would love to have a cocktail or coffee with and just chatter endlessly about fashion, cooking, the weather, anything with :)  I further branched out into honing my cooking skills and then transitioning that over to Cooking in Stilettos and meeting FoodBuzz, another group I just adore.  On the fashion end (because, well, I'm a fashion whore - totally admit that), Reese and I collaborated on Fashionista+ which I'm excited to work on again. 

And, on the personal level, Shadow and I met the one and only Mr. Wiggles who taught me that things I deem urgent, really aren't - at least in a dog's eyes.  I began to laugh again and to not always focus on the minutiae.  I discovered that Loubous and fabulous shoes are, indeed, my crack.  I rebuilt some relationships from the past.  I learned to "edit it down" when it came to my surroundings and address things that normally I would try to hide from and stick my head in the sand.  Sometimes when you just deal with it, it's not as bad as you think it would be.

The past few years have not been easy and the move to Philly just seemed out of my reach. However, once I set my mind to it, the wheels began turning and, in a few weeks, it is a goal I'm about to achieve.  Since 16, I knew I wanted to live there.  In February 2008, that feeling was overwhelming when I was wandering around Center City by 17th Street.  I knew that I needed to be there in the thick of it.  I reconnected with old friends from the past such as OurBuddy, Jas & CK and with them, Reese & Meowmix, some great discussions were had.  It was during one of those Philly jaunts that, by chance, I met Rifleman who would be one of those friends I think will be around for a long time and has gone above and beyond to help me attain this goal.  I discovered that there are, indeed, good hearted people in the world that really do give a ***t.

There are so many other avenues that are opening up left and right that I think Philly will just be a whole new playground and a level up.  I will miss my friends and adopted family here in Orlando - that's for sure but I welcome the future opps.

And when I sit here tonight and think about it, one song comes to mind bringing this full circle -Jett17's track "All Together Now" - because, quite frankly, things are coming together now.  I know where I'm going, where I came from and what I went through and it made me the person I am today and, you know what, I think I kinda like her.

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