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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The One Where I Realize I Have Way Too Much Going ON....

The move is in about 2 weeks and, stupid me, I agree to take on ONE last project that I'm going "WTH?" about every other minute.  Now that I have a dog, traveling like I used to for the daily is just not an option.  I have to arrange for pug care and that is no easy task.  Thankfully, Ms. Mary, Wiggy's foster mom, is helping me out and he gets to have a "sleepover" at Ms. Mary's house for a few days while I'm traveling out of town for work.  Of course, the original plan was for me to go down Sunday and work until Wednesday in Tampa.  However, plans changed to me heading down Thursday a.m., working through the weekend weekend until next Friday. 

So plans changed and here I am running out of the office to bring Wiggs to Ms. Mary's house before it gets too late (because, of course, those bugs like to drive my car after dark - don't ask. I will find and kill them SOON!)  I'm running crazy late, lots going on and I've got my boxes packed and in my little luggage cart along with various items from my desk as I've been purging like crazy as I didn't think I'd be back in the office for my last day.  Also I have my purse and my blackberry and my keys.  I'm going crazy trying to hit my deadline and put things down to get those daggone boxes in the car along with this rusty pain in the azz luggage cart and I put my blackberry down on the trunk fin.

You see where I'm going, right?  So daggone distracted that my blackberry goes missing in Downtown Orlando as I drive off with the red blackberry on the red Cougar and I see NOTHING!

F*** My Life!!!

All went to hell and I hit my level of frustration.  It's a bit of "give an inch and people will take 20 miles".  Thankfully, I had a long chat both with my gal P. and Ms. Mary.  I finally said "NO" and compromised on a few points.  How the hell am I supposed to pack to move - the truck is coming on the 12th and that part is NOT changing.  However, because I "don't have a job" in Philly, some people think I can just prolong this and, quite frankly, I can't.  Later is NOT better especially when I'm paying for TWO apartments.  I can't pass up any more interview opportunities because it's not convenient.  I need to move and enough is enough.  And, I'm basically kickin' my own ass because it's Catholic guilt - I always think of everyone else first and I need to stop that. 

Funny sidebar story, during the chat with Mary, Wiggy got a little nervous as he's been sent back there before by prior owners and started stockpiling his toys as if he's not coming back.  He'll be a bit confused but the munchkin will learn that he's with me for life - even though some people have designated him a "pain in the azz" (he's my dog so if he's a pain in the azz that's MY call and, quite frankly, I find him to be rather charming!)  I just can not kennel him after the last debacle and this will give him some time to say goodbye to Mary who took such good care of him when the other owners decided that he was disposable. 

So, after all that drama that day, I decided to rest, think and "enjoy the silence" of no cellie.  The next day, I finally bit the bullet, flew into AT&T and upgraded to the iPhone.  I'm learning and it's quite a change.  The apps are interesting so I'll be trying the blogging via iPhone I'm sure when I'm traveling.

Now wish me luck as I go forth to this one last hurrah - it's literally my life full circle with people from my past crossing my path, back to the scene of my first major project and finally putting a lid on everything here in Orlando.

And, after that, I have less than a week to pack up the apartment and then Shaddy, Wiggs and I are Philly bound.  I can't wait.

And I hope that my blackberry just doesn't show up miraculously somewhere *LOL*

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