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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shopping, Cocktails and... CLINTON KELLY???

Yup - you heard that right, forget Santa my friends, Clinton Kelly is coming to town. As my b'day is coming up soon (Nov. 4th and counting)... I decided to do something I always wanted to do - go see one of my Style Gurus in person.

After a long day at the 9to5, I decided to indulge in a little retail "window" therapy and went to the Millennia Mall the other night. Basically, I fondled a pair of Stuart Weitzman Tortoiseshell Wedges at Neiman Marcus, oohed and ahhhed at a gorgeous Prada Ombre clutch and satchel, became repulsed at the price of a Michael Kors bag (I'm so looking at Shop Suey instead! $1200 for a MK bag - are they nukin' futz??) and decided to visit all things Crate & Barrel and Williams Sonoma. All in all, I really only spent about $50 for a few things for the kitchen (pumpkin Sprinkles cupcake mix, pumpkin waffle mix, maple pumpkin butter - you see a theme here??) but, if I had the funds, you know damn well those tortoiseshell wedges would be in their rightful home - my closet. Well, during my forays into retail therapy, I decided that a visit to the plus size section of Macy*s was in order. Finding a few things investigation worthy, I noticed that their department was all moved around, but thought, hmmm.. another day perhaps. So, with that, I picked up a copy of their HER catalog/zine and departed for home.

Clinton Kelly, in addition to his What Not To Wear duties, is the Macy*s Style spokesperson and it seems that his concentration has been in the Plus Size genre. That works for me. My closet would be very happy if I took a lesson (or three) from him. So, I read his fashion commentary, oohed and ahhed over a few things (a couple of which Reese & I saw in Philly - I knew I should have bought them - dammit!) and noted that Clinton's traveling around the country. However, the closest he's coming to me is Miami -- 4 hours away. 4 hours of Miami traffic, Florida turnpike drama, escalating gas prices, etc. so that I could shop at the Dadeland Macy*s in the hopes that Clinton will give me 60 seconds of his time - YOU BETCHA!

Now, we won't go into the fact that when I checked his site on the blackberry it said he was in ORLANDO on Oct. 7th (THANKS FOR NOT LETTING ME KNOW) at the very Millennia store I was at only 2 days after! Can we say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

So, a birthday treat to myself for everything I went through last year and my year of growth in all aspects of life: emotional, physical (da butt did shrink - yay), financial, etc., I am rallying some friends to head to Miami for the day. Now, I have a work project that week, but one day would be perfect for me to head down to Miami for a little shopping, cocktails, dinner in SoBe (South Beach) and a chance at meeting Mr. Kelly himself.

Hey - call me a groupie if you must, but at least I'll be a fashionable one!

*Pic. courtesy of Readheaded Stranger who, if you read her site, will see that she did get to see Mr. Kelly in person herself not too long ago.

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