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Monday, October 08, 2007

Rockin' The Trench.. On A Budget..

Well quasi budget but still.. Tim Gunn's Guide to Style (Thanks Michelle!) states that every woman needs a basic trench. As I live in Florida, I have been on the fence about "to buy or not to buy". I mean, c'mon - I wear a jacket maybe a month out of the year unless I travel and it's always my gorgeous bronze leather coat from Terry Lewis (I know I know - Home Shopping HUH? But seriously, this woman rocks the leather and for a plus size gal to have a jacket that is so well made and classic - love it). Not to mention I did just purchase another leather jacket for future up north excursions.

Well, when Reese & I were in Philly, I encountered "THE TRENCH". You know when you fall in love at first sight and it's a mutual thing - The Trench was eyeing me, I was eyeing it and it was a tango of sorts. However, my finances wrestled my conscience and *sigh* it was not to be. The factoring decision: I live in Florida - what the heck do I need a trench for?

Again, need for a trench kept taunting me - from Tim Gunn's new show, to encountering a gorgeous sateen trench at Ashley Stewart to Igigi rockin' their trench, but would I really pay $99 for a coat I could get not much use out of. Again, the wallet spoke and the answer was "NO". (Actually the wallet told me to buy some shoes but again, later post).

This weekend, in cleaning out the wallet I found a gift card from Lane Bryant for $63 for a return I did some time ago of their city shorts (we'll get into the wonky sizing in another post). The Trench resurfaced in my thoughts again and I figured, "eeehh.. let me go look at it on the site". I couldn't see it in person because the Florida stores didn't see themselves getting it until December or so and that doesn't help me. Well, apparently Karma (or Tim Gunn) was on my heels because as I clicked into the site, I saw it was on sale - for $69.95. Now, y'all know me - I do not do any online shopping without a coupon or cash back (or both). I quickly put it in my cart as they had my size left in black and went to scour the net for some Lane Bryant Coupons. I found one for 20% off and quickly went through Mr. Rebates to check out.

Cost of The Trench after applying coupons, shipping, tax, and gift card: $5.80
Cash back total: $1.67
Overall Total Cost: $4.13

Cheaper than my Pumpkin Spice Latte (and just as toasty)...

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