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Monday, November 12, 2007

All Across The Board...

Blame the lack of sleep please...

Yesterday, well this weekend really, was pretty unproductive but I justified it by taking my time to chill up, play hermit and rest up because for the next 2/3 weeks, I'm going to be working straight through with little to no time off (sans Thanksgiving, but that's a given and, knowing me, I'll find a way to work doing something). All will back to a state of relative normalcy on or about Dec. 1st, but still.

During my chill out day yesterday, I made the fateful decision that naps were good. Well, to reinforce that decision, I crashed during Law & Order Criminal Intent only to wake up feeling like someone was watching me (cue Rockwell song). Well, someone was - in the form of the Cat. Why was Shadow staring me down so intently with daggers of death shooting from her eyeballs you might ask. Because, as I noted on my alarm clock, it was 8:37 and she knows dinner time is at 8:30 sharp. God forbid I forget, fall asleep or work late. Kitty must have her wet food at night or else it's death to us all (in Shadow's warped mind). She has dry food to nibble on and, if she's lucky, she gets cookies in the morning and at night. So today, your gal is on the hunt for an automatic pet feeder. Because, clearly, her feeding habits are way more important than me getting another pair of shoes. If she breaks this thing like she did the automatic litter box, I swear I'll send her packing.

So, not only did I delay the cat's mealtime by 7 minutes, but by my dozing off, I was up for pretty much all of last night, tossing and turning - only to doze off for 20 min. before my alarm went off. :::sigh::: so right now I'm in dire need of toothpicks to prop up my eyelids, extra coffee from 'bucks with a double shot, etc. I did, however, get to see who won the Next Iron Chef (Yea Chef Symon but really I didn't care if it was him or John Besh - Why is Mario no longer with the Food Network?!?!?!?) and rewatch the Battle Cranberry where I realized that Giada really did act like a snot during the competition. I may not like Rachel Ray but still. I watched 48 Hours: Hard Evidence (I'm really starting to like that show), learned that CourtTV is going to become TRUTV because, obviously, the American public needs YET ANOTHER reality channel :::roll eyes::: and glazed over various infomercials galore. Master Channel Flipper right here!

On another note, because I know you are all on the edge of your chairs waiting to find this out, I was able to salvage the swill coffee in the fridge. With the simple syrup, it was rather tasty - I discovered I was using two splenda when I should use one. Either way, it was working out just fine - and if I was wasn't dilly-dallying watching some infomercial on airbrush foundation this morning, plus the news, plus videos, plus some stupid Sweet 16 show on MTV, I might have had time to make myself a glass to go. Alas, I did not - stalling, dragging my feet as I protested the unfairness of me having to go to work while all my friends up north have the day off.

And, in true Lys fashion - I'm late again. I seriously thought TODAY was Veteran's Day - not yesterday :( My sincerest apologies to all those serving in the military, those that have served in the military, etc. Thank you so much for all that you give to our country. Our military is one of the primary reasons we all enjoy such freedoms that we have today.

Including a gal's freedom to stay up all night watching bad TV because she took a lazy nap earlier in the day.

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