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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Tale of Two Shoes...

If you look under my desk at the 9to5, there's always a pair (or four) of various shoes under there. Reasoning is, sometimes I'm breaking new shoes in and need ones to change out of. Sometimes I need flats for those days I just need to run to Starbucks and need to move quickly and can't be hampered by my 4" stilettos. Sometimes, I just need to change up the outfit a bit. Hey, if Britney can change her clothes mid-appearance, I can certainly change shoes according to mood, right?

So, looking under there today you would find:

So that's five pairs of shoes that I can rotate at any given time.

This morning I walked in with the Bronze flats with the intention of wearing the Nude pumps while running around this morning and did so, til about 1ish when I was working on yet another project and figured *@*#*&# daggone it - this gal needs a 'Bucks fix (Gingerbread iced latte - notsogood). I quickly changed into the flats and trotted off on my merry way.

Back in the office sated with not only the latte, but also an iced tea and some butternut squash soup, I typed and typed and typed as much as my little fingers would allow. At 5ish, I realize that I have to go to the ladies room. Dancing on the edge of my seat just won't work anymore. I still had a substantial bit of work to complete and even with the catholic school training, this gal had to go for a walk. And walk I did - about 10 ft before I realized that the shoes felt kinda funky on my right foot and that's when I saw it...

I was wearing the bronze ballet flat on the left foot and the BLACK POINTY TOE FLAT on the RIGHT foot!


I quickly ran under my desk, grabbed the other bronze flat, and remarked that I must be too focused as I never noticed that I trotted all afternoon with TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOES!

No wonder why the people on the street were looking at me like I was crazed. Well, I'm blond. I guess I could use that as an excuse. But you know what - I'll be making sure there is only ONE pair of flats under the desk from now on.

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