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Just Because...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Soapbox Moment: Pay it Forward...

I saw something today that really irritated me. This morning I was walking into the 9to5 from the parking garage and went about my usual routine. When I got to the third floor walkway, both me and a woman in the elevator (we'll call her "Elevator Wench") encountered a woman laden down with a bunch of grocery bags trying to get in the door (hereinafter "Grocery Gal"). We're talking 2-3 bags on each arm which were chock full of groceries obviously meant for the food drive they are holding in the building.

Well, the Grocery Gal had hit the handicapped button for the doors to open and do you think Elevator Wench took ONE inkling to, perhaps, open the door for this gal? No - Elevator Wench decided to stand BEHIND Grocery Gal and huff and puff ala the big bad wolf as if she was being held up.

Well, you know me - can't shut me the hell up. I got heated. Narrow dagger eyes were shot at Elevator Wench and I rushed in front of Grocery Gal and said "Here - let me get the door for you". It was the RIGHT thing to do, IMO. Grocery Gal thanks me and heads into the walkway. Traipsing behind her like the Queen of Sheba was Elevator Wench and do you think she said "Thank You" or anything. Nope. Just attitude - absolute attitude. I should have shut the daggone door on her azz. I have finally come to accept the fact that there are are some people in this world that appear to have a sense of entitlement like the world should bend to their every whim. However I try, seriously try to ignore those type of people and not really care what they think, say or do because I truly believe that karma will bite them in the butt.

However, today, I wanted to kick Elevator Wench's butt for her rudeness, not to me - her rudeness to Grocery Gal. Here was this woman donating to a charity to feed the homeless (which, btw - Orlando seems to frown on - WTH) and this other woman acts like SHE'S bothered because the door won't open for her like she's royalty and, god forbid, a woman with an exorbitant amount of packages is in front of her.

Of course, all questions about the attitude of Elevator Wench were answered when I saw that she worked in City Hall. Here in Orange County - its been my experience that it is rare that you find a decent government employee in either City Hall or the Courthouse. Her attitude made her a perfect fit for her job. Rude, crude and no sense of manners or paying it forward. I DARE government employees here in Orlando to prove me wrong - c'mon - shock me - let's start with Buddy Dyer and his security geek, I mean guard!

My goal for not only this season but 2008 (besides the $$$ thing) is to pay it forward. If the door needs to be open, open it. Smile at your neighbor for no reason other than just because. If someone can't reach for something in the grocery store, grab it for them. If someone drops something, pick it up and return it to them. Just pay it forward. It's the least we can do as human beings because, god knows, some people Just Don't Get It.

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