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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peter & Paul: We Need To Chat...

I've been guilty, my friends - I've been robbing Peter to pay Paul, doing the bill juggle and, as of 2:07 this afternoon - I. Gave. Up.

"Enough with the finance juggle, Lys - you are going to drop more than one ball and break EVERYTHING" - I screamed internally. Some choices have to be made and soon. Now, the apartment fits and that's cool - I'm not moving again and can handle my rent costs alone but some of the other bills I need to get under control and quick. (Note to self: Explore VONAGE). Also, knowing that I'm about to deal with someone or something head on is better than drawing it out and procrastinating. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely a rehabbing procrastinator. However, I've come to learn through life experience that procrastinating is just delaying the inevitable. If you know the band-aid is gonna hurt, just pull it off quick and deal with the sudden onslaught of pain - not wait, pull the band-aid slllloooowwwwlllyyy prolonging the agony and making it worse. Something like that was how it took me 6.5 years to dump Mark for good and look where THAT got me - bad credit, drama and the whole shebang. Don't even get me started on H. and his daggone Cell Bill.

So, last month I paid off one of the credit cards and, I'm slightly reassured by the fact that I filed away the card in my accordion bill folder which means I cannot use it. I won't however, just close the card account because it's my oldest card since the whole Mark & H. debacle and I refuse to ding my credit score by closing it. I'll just leave it where it is. I have another credit card that will be paid off December 1st and that will join it's brother in the folder. After that, its tackling the remaining CC debt while I build up my score and you better believe that it's ON now.

I've accepted the fact that I'm more than likely going to have to get a second 9to5 to just build up the e-fund and pay down the cards. I won't be able to do so until after December 1st, but hey - I can totally do retail. Retail and I are JUST fine - and it would be nice to get paid to help people shop rather than intruding on their space with my opinions (yes, I'm one of those types that will tell you if something looks great and, if it doesn't suggest an alternative). Plus the PRBiz is good but not bringing in that much $$$ right now. I'm over scheduled as it is. Is there a cloning machine somewhere? Basically I need a temporary influx of cash that selling plasma won't help at the moment. As an added bonus, I'm hoping to be DEBT FREE by the end of 2008. Let's hope, right?

The above drama combined with my February trip means an aggressive Debt Reduction/Savings Plan is in order. So, I'm warnin' y'all - I'm joining the Personal Finance bandwagon again. Seeing Valley Girl's list today inspired me a bit to re-evaluate a few things and lay out a plan. Because life is no good without a plan, right?

First Order of Business: Put down Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style and crack open the new Suze Orman - Women & Money.

Second Order of Business: Cut out the eating out and limit the Starbucks intake to 2-3 times a week while I'm at work (shouldn't be that hard now that I have quasi learned to make coffee). Ditto on the pre-work morning java. Also I need to start grocery shopping smarter (lists! Must have Lists!) and planning meals for the week. (Added bonus - hello weight loss wagon - we meet again!)

Third Order of Business: Clear out the clutter! What clutter can be sold is going on eBay. What clutter that needs to be donated is being donated. What clutter is taking up space is going in the trash or returned to where it needs to be.

Fourth Order of Business: Holiday shopping: 90% of my holiday shopping will be online and with cash back and whatever coupon codes there are. That with the addition of a list shall keep me in check. Lists and I need to get reacquainted again.

Fifth Order of Business: Limit the personal shopping. Any and all shopping in the immediate future has to be necessary and either with coupon, cash back or something. (Val - I don't think I'm strong enough tho to give up the Net-A-Porter or Bluefly virtual shopping visits tho! I just won't click the checkout button)

Sixth Order of Business: Re-watch The Secret - Re-watch it TWICE if I have to. Because, obviously I haven't been paying it much attention lately.

Well, I think that's a good start. Now excuse me please while I begin my second coffee making experiment...

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