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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tickets, Get Your Tickets...

In my email was a little gem reminding me that the 2008 Grammy tickets are now available and that our hard copy invitations are in the mail. The show is just around the corner - it's February 10, 2008. So, there goes my shopping budget. The only thing I really want to do this coming year is go to the ceremony with some friends and have a blast. It's the 50th Annual Grammy Awards so it should be a good time.

The one thing about the Grammys is while the awards are cool - the party is 200x better. Not to mention I want to visit Clooney's office Reese and the lot, network with some publicists I know and drag one my fave mentors out for lunch. I also want to go to my pre-Grammy dinner at the Ivy, visit some friends and maybe take in a bit of shopping. That, my friends, will be my big vacation of 2008. (Sorry Meowmix - I know I know). But after the developments here, I really need to put myself out there network wise and get back into the entertainment swing of things.

With a plan formulating and an aggressive savings push, I log into the member section of the website and lo and behold, I can pull my ticket order form online. Well, I need to prep the budget right? Therefore I need to see the costs. I mean I'm not ordering til January but still.

I see that the prices have gone up and there's new options. We can get 2 tix at Platinum, Gold or Silver level and an additional 4 tix at the cheap seats aka Bronze level. So this is the first piece of the puzzle we get to start with. Ticket prices are:

In addition, there is a $200 ticket per person for the swanky afterparty but you can't go to the party without going to the ceremony. Let's add that up - I'm going to be shelling out $350 per ticket package, plus plane fare, plus hotel, plus car rental, plus all other expenses. EEKS! Let's not even get INTO wardrobe. :::sigh::: I don't even WANT to think about that whole other debacle.

Over the next month, I'll be doing my research. I can get a room at the swanky Grammy endorsed hotel at a reduced rate but I'm going to see my options. As it's $189 a night, maybe I should just book the swanky hotel the night of the show as it's right nearby and that way we really don't have to drive much. As it is, I plan on flying in on the Friday before and leaving on the Monday after the ceremony. Or should I leave Tuesday - because more than likely, I'm going to be a tad exhausted from the party. See - TOO much to worry about. My head is going to be spinning worse than the exorcist!

I do know one thing. This time I'm NOT dying my hair brown before the show (Nor am I dying it at all, period). I don't want a Zebra stripe running down my head from a missed spot like I had 3 years ago. They can just realize I'm a blond with a brain.*

*Yes, that's really why I dyed my hair brown. Long story short - in the music genre I worked with, I found that many of the music executives are mainly men. And much of these male execs that I had to deal with tend to think that a blond with a brain is just not the norm. Therefore, I dyed it brown before the Grammys and also before a big music conference I had to go to - reasoning - to be taken seriously. Now that I look back at that, I have to laugh. If they can't take me seriously, that's THEIR problem, not mine.

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