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Friday, December 14, 2007

Seriously, I Don't KNOW What I Want...

I'm of NO use today... let me preface that with I had ONE job to do - ONE - and that was to tell my boss what I wanted for Christmas. Well, outside of telling her that all I wanted was my brain back, in all actuality - I dunno. I'm horrible like that.

See, I rarely tell my friends, family and co-workers what I want because when I want something, I normally just buy it myself. I have the patience of a gnat. Plus, this is the first year I really feel like I have everything I want or need (outside of Loubous or a few other high end items but I want to, yes, buy those myself). My family is fine, my health is good, my bills are paid, I have a roof over my head, my car works well, my friends are great. I'm grateful. I'm content. I'm good. So, really I don't know what to put on that wishlist.

But I got caught up with a couple other things today with helping out some people here, lunch with a buddy and then I decided to log into my and there, right on the front page, courtesy of one Ms. Bobbi Thomas, was a listing of hot gifts for the holidays and - what do I do - order them my damn self. My gifts to me from me. See - that's how I roll.

I don't have patience. I don't ever want to tell someone "I want this, this or that" because I feel greedy. Seriously, I do. I prefer people give from the heart and put thought into things. I mean, that's what I try to do.

My friends and family know me well enough by now to know my haunts. Yeah, people say gift cards are cheesy, but you know what - if someone gets me a gift card to, lets say, Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma, hell - I say "YIPPEE!" because that person knows me well enough to know that I haunt those places. Plus, knowing my picky nature, I get to choose what I might want, need or feel inspired by. I *heart* that. Now, don't get me wrong - if the same person sees my knife set and notices I don't have a Global Cheese Knife or a Electric Sharpener - I'm all over that too. That's paying attention. Or if they see me fondle the Ruffoni Hammered Copper Pots at Williams Sonoma, they know I'll adore it.

But if someone gets me a gift card to, let's say, Bealls or Kohl's, then that person doesn't know my inner shopping demon. If they find a gift IN Kohl's that they think is totally me - then that's perfect. But if they get me anything Rachel Ray branded (outside of one of her NON ORANGY POTS!) or some Christina (Spanish Talk Show host) flatware, I'm curious. I'm thankful but also aware that they don't know what I really like or prefer. D
on't get me wrong. I do appreciate the thought and sentiment tho and I'm far from nasty about it. Again, I don't want to come off spoiled, just I am what I am. Does that make sense?

JZ once got me this cute little frame that, to this day, sits on my desk and I get compliments galore. One of the more, shall we say, rude people I know told me "Do you know that was only $X.XX at [whatever store]". "So what? And, your point?" is what I wanted to say to her but I just dismissed it. What I wanted to say was that JZ KNOWS I love photos and put some thought into the gift. I could care less the cost, coupons, or even if it was a re-gift. That doesn't matter. He knew it would be something I would like.

H. and his family once made me a huge Christmas card and they all signed it with messages, etc. in it. I still have that card to this day. It always makes me smile. They put time and love into it. That speaks volumes.

Reese made me a huge comfy blanket that I love to snuggle in (when Shadow doesn't try to pilfer it to her hiding spot). She took an amazing amount of time to make that and it just is so tailored for me. I adore it.

So, again, to reiterate the above - it's not the cost - it's really about the thought put into something that means alot to me. I mean, hey - if Reese can kidnap the Clooney and send him to my house this year, I'd be great with that too (ahem - hint hint. Again, I keeeed, I keeeed).

So now that I'm done waxing poetic on my theory of gifts (and NO I haven't done my wishlist yet - will do over the weekend *LOL*), you've got to see these lovely stockings from HoHoHeel that I covet which Ms. Bobbi pointed out are adorable. My gal Maria calls them hookah stockings, I just say "Have you SEEN the height of my heels - Hello!"

I also wound up customizing a cookbook over at When I'm finished adding all of my favorite recipes to it. Well, a good portion of them because I MUST have my chicken soup recipe in it (well Real Simple's), my favorite Cable Car Martini recipe and this perfect potato recipe from Jacques Pepin. When I get the book in, I will take pics. Trust me you will love it - it screams me.

So - I'm sure I'll post over the weekend (with tree photos, promise), but enjoy yourselves and be safe out there! I'll just be having a Cable Car martini and think of y'all :)

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