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Just Because...

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I woke up this morning to the sound of raging HAIL against my windows - HAIL. I live in FLORIDA. We're not supposed to get HAIL!

Today Shadow and I have to brave the cold (well it's cold by Central Florida's standards, 'k), hail and crappy weather to go see Santa Claws at PetSmart for her annual torture photo for my father. The Altamonte Mall Santa just wasn't the right one. Too many dogs, a 2 hour wait and I told Shaddy, it was Santa's 4th cousin twice removed. She can wait for the real thing. Which, of course, she was fine with because there was too many big dogs everywhere. Shadow detests big dogs. I'm also convinced that either during her fall at the airport she knocked her head or she was switched at birth because she does not like malls. How can my cat NOT like the mall? Doesn't make sense.

So pray for me please because she's gonna be howling the whole way to PetSmart and, after torture photo, she's going to want to buy every cat toy she can get her paws on (she rubs up against them marking her territory) and then she's going to attempt to face off against the parrot for her Sunday dinner. My money is on the parrot winning that fight.

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