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Just Because...
Just Because...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Twas The Week Before Christmas...

And all throughout the home
The activity level was high as I start to roam.

Ornament boxes are strewn among wrapping paper and bows.
How to make sense of this mess, no one knows.

The stockings were hung on the entertainment center mantle with care.
The garland strung behind them, balancing precariously on air.

The tree skirt is careful laid around the base of the tree,
However all is not peaceful, at least not for me.

You see, the evil cat is waiting under the tree
All set to pounce on the next thing she sees.
A foot -
A wire -
A loose or sparkly ornament in her path.
All is not safe from the grey one's wrath.

And bite she shall until blood is had
Because really, revenge is her objective and it's better to be bad.

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