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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 I'll Get You And Your Little Dog Too...

One thing that gets my goat is Outsourcing. I seriously get incensed by it to where I think it is far from funny.

One of my discussions on as to why there is a recession - hmmm.. maybe because companies are outsourcing and there are no jobs here at home. Want to know why there is a homeless problem here - because corporate businesses want to increase their profits (and CEO's wallets/bonuses/pay increases/etc.). Want to know why there is drama here in the States and crime is risen - because many people can't get a decent job. Where are the jobs - not in the United States, that's for sure and definitely not here in Orlando/Central Florida.

I've decided that as I encounter companies that I have done business with that outsource, I'm going to add them to the "GUILTY OF IDIOCY" list. Most of the time, I throw a fit and ask for a manager in the states and I will either cancel my account or refuse to do business with them. I had that problem once with Verizon. I'm a Cingular AT&T Wireless wench now and one of my reasons was dealing with the Outsourcing.

Time to expose Culprit No. 1 - Today I had a lovely conversation with "MIKE JOHNSON" of I had to cancel my account which necessitated a call to a call center, because, of course, they don't let you do that online. Even their message is pretty much lackluster while you are holding. Also, don't let the implication that their corporate office in Los Angeles is the call center, even if they tell you "our office is in California". The Call Centers are, most assuredly, located in India. Of course, it took forever for him to admit it and, of course, he screwed up everything and it got disconnected prompting me to be on hold again. Should you need to call, that's where you go - not to the States - but to a call center where they are given names like "Mike Johnson" and read from scripts. Then I got ahold of "HURI" (which I think was the real name) and guess what - there is no supervisor, wait - there is one "MARK JONES" but there is no number and there is no guarantee I would get them. She finally did admit that they are a office of and the corporate office was in LA, but they don't handle customer inquiries, etc. And, even better - after much argument, a refund will be processed in 7-10 business days.

Now - one thing I'm confused about - aren't they supposed to be endorsed or affiliated with the United States Post Office. Wouldn't one think that they might actually have a call center in the STATES? I mean it is US Stamps and all.

Bottom line, people - bottom line. Oh - and to the CEO of, you might want to get to know your people over in India - they had no clue who the heck you were. Then again, if I don't get my refund, you will, most assuredly, know who I am.

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